Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hormesis: A Failed Paradigm

There is a paradigm of radiation protection that emphasizes the body's resilient repair mechanisms, even when confronted with double-strand DNA breaks.

That paradigm is called hormesis.

There are many scientific challenges to hormesis. Here is a discussion of the latest challenge, which is derived from scientists' efforts to understand why CRISPR gene editing technology is producing genetic mutations that undermine the technology's utility.

CRISP technology promised precise gene editing capabilities but the results have disappointed as editing has been found to cause significant damage.  You can read about the errors caused by CRISPR here:

It turns out that the body's failure to repair damage caused by editing is at issue.

Yesterday on Twitter I discovered a fascinating review article that interviews researchers who are seeking to understand these failures in DNA repair:
Robert Sanders (2018, July 30). DNA repair after CRISPR cutting not at all what people thought. University of California Berkeley. Available,

The article specifically addresses the challenge encountered by geneticists when trying to edit DNA using CRISPR-Cas9.

It seems that the problem lies in cellular repair processes. 

CRISPR technology relies on human cellular repair processes after CRISPR editing.
It turns out that fixing double-strand DNA breaks is more complicated than researchers anticipated. (Surprise, surprise).

Scientists from UC Berkeley's Innovative Genomic Institute investigating DNA repair processes discovered that a phenomenon known as the Fanconi anemia pathway is critical for repair of double strand DNA breaks.

The genes involved in the Fanconi anemia pathway produce 21 proteins that are critical for homologous double-strand DNA repair (one of two types of possible repairs, with the homologous form requiring insertion of DNA to replace damaged DNA as opposed to simply re-stitching it together).

Well, it turns out that not all cells have access to the Fanconi anemia pathway, as illustrated in the passage below, which points to some unresolved challenges with CRISPR technology:
The importance of the Fanconi anemia pathway in repairing CRISPR breaks throws into doubt some planned CRISPR treatments for the disease itself, however. Without an active Fanconi anemia pathway, cells may not be able to replace their mutated genes with normal genes after Cas9 makes a cut.
Some cells may not be able to replace their mutated genes with normal genes after being damaged because they lack access to this pathway.

If you are unfortunate enough to incur damage to the genes involved directly in this pathway you will likely develop unpleasant diseases such as leukemia.

Wikipedia identifies 17 genes involved in the Fanconi anemia pathway:
scientists have identified 17 FA or FA-like genes: FANCA, FANCB, FANCC, FANCD1(BRCA2), FANCD2, FANCE, FANCF, FANCG, FANCI, FANCJ (BRIP1), FANCL, FANCM, FANCN (PALB2), FANCP (SLX4), FANCS (BRCA1), RAD51C and XPF. FANCB is the one exception to FA being autosomal recessive, as this gene is on the X chromosome. These genes are involved in DNA repair.
What are the implications?

First, the clear implication of this research is that double-strand DNA repair is not equally possible for all cells.

Second, homologous DNA repair is compromised if the genes involved in sequencing the proteins involved are themselves damaged.

Third, these findings throw another wrench into the HORMESIS idea that the body is infinitely resilient in its DNA repair mechanisms.

Not all double-strand DNA can be repaired. 

Hormesis cannot apply to cells that lack access to these genes.


  1. Majia is very smart and level-headed. This is a very good and article she wrote that makes a strong point without propagand and mumbo jumbo.


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  2. It is almost always the case that a few persons know X about Z but are prevented from saying so publicly. Then it may take years or decades before the information is allowed out. I believe Marie Curie ended up with radiation burnt hands over a century ago. So we have known collectively for well over a century tht radiation is harmful to human flesh. The details can be interesting but the basic idea is not novel. I remember several years ago an emeritus professor of physics at Cambridge wrote something about the energizing & beneficial effects of radiation on humans which I suppose a few took for veritable truth. At some point society will manage again to value the importance of reason and facts. Meanwhile . . . anything goes.

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  6. You might like this Majia. It is long. It presents interesting arguements about economics and the impending failure of the American Empire.

    1. Thank you for the link. The article makes some interesting arguments but its strokes are over broad I think, leading to conclusions that I believe are highly unlikely to occur.

    2. You maybe right. It is a different perspective, though. There is a link in there, for another article. I am getting off, the internet. It is getting strange. Too many people, talking about violence and threats. Much information, is very questionable. Do not feel, it is a viable source of anything anymore. Good luck Majia! Thanks for your blog

  7. The internet is not so great for mental health or politics, in oh so many ways. Maybe it is a sign of the death knell, of this empire, and the fake society it generated



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