Monday, June 11, 2018

Net Neutrality Ends Today

I've commented quite a bit on this blog about the endangered digital commons. It was never more than an aspiration, of course, given the ways web architecture and ownership shape digital transactions.

But although we never approached the digital commons, the web 2.0 environment offered unprecedented opportunities for individuals to communicate to mass audiences.

This capacity for individual commentators - whether bloggers, youtubers, meme producers, commentators, etc -- to communicate to mass audiences fundamentally dislocated the power of centralized mass communication.

It was radical experimentation in communication. It demonstrated commmunication's transformative capacities, but of course it was inevitable that the Internet became a battle-ground for heterogeneous forces.

Some of those forces were nefarious, with hidden intentions and fraudulent claims.

Other forces were reformist and/or utopian, aiming to raise awareness about critical issues seen as threatening human well-being or existence.

Of course, I'm not denying that utopian forces were infiltrated with narcissists and duplicitous non-believers. A particular discourse, such as the discourse of extinction encoded on the Internet in a novel symbol, is always being shaped and interrogated by many forces, some of them duplicitous:

Still, a utopian impulse toward the optimization of life thought in the most inclusive terms could be found across the web. It harbored and promoted reformist and revolutionary agendas.

But now the chaos of the freest mass communication ever is ending.

It is being reigned in by many different forms of control. I've focused here quite a bit on algorithmic governmentality because I saw its operations when Google incorporated Page Rank in April of 2017. Like many blogs and websites offering critical analysis from the left and the libertarian right, Majia's blog was ranked lower in results as a function of the site's "radical analysis."

Using the term "nuclear governmentality" which is unique, I demonstrated that most search engines have blocked my blog altogether, such as Norton and IE. Google will turn up majia's blog results for me but I cannot help but wonder whether those results are tailored to my browsing habits.

Algorithmic governmentality is nothing, however, compared to the power of a commercialized Internet with the end of neutrality.

Net neutrality ends today, although its ultimate fate will be decided in court:
David Shepardson (2018, June 11). U.S. net neutrality rules expire, court battle loomsThe U.S. open internet rules expired on Monday, handing sweeping new powers to internet providers to block, throttle or offer paid “fast lanes” for web traffic, but a court battle remains ahead...
...FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat who voted against the repeal, said Monday that the decision put the FCC “on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law, and the wrong side of the American public.”


  1. First they nuclear bombed the shit out of us, which will effect every generation thereafter. The great radionuclide, coverup and genocide has gone on 75 years. Young people were awakened in the late 70s, after 3 mile island. Hundreds of thousands protested and slowed the nuclear bomb and nuclear power monster.
    Chernobyl, the internet The massive ongoing extinction event at fukushima. The evil bastards, have used every propaganda, spook tactic, brainswashing tactic to divert attention from fukushima! It was done by israel with nucs detonated in the pacific ocean, chernobyl and fukushima had secret bombs on that caused them to blowup. Ufos did it. Never because nuclear reactors are the rickety pieces of shit they are.

    Then fuko the clown comes along . Fuko the clean the swamp antinuclear anti nwo savior. Fuko and its new world order, uses tax money to keep old nukes open. Wants to spend a trillion to upgrade nuclear arsenals. His supposedly antinuclear supporters, that are conservative and libertarian supporters applaud him . They say it does not matter if we tear things up to mine more radioactive shit. Keep rotten old reactors on the verge of meltdown open. Allow increased amounts of radiation in drinking water by 400% . Allow radioactive food to come from Japan. It is ok because we are in a mini ice age and an asteroid is going to hit us soon anyway.
    We know who the decievers are.
    Now snot and the decivers the spooks the operators are getting what they want. No commons. No internet. Everyone getting the shit irradiated out of themMurican press and the internet, so full of shit. This is virtually, a totalitarian police state, where half the people live in poverty. Everything on tv and many things on the internet, are the most extreme whopping lies possible. Many christian dipshits eat it up.but at least you could express yurself on the inet.

    The 30 percent, that are somewhat middle class, are miserable. The top 20 percent just bully the shit out of everyone and exloit everything.

    Last week Trump had a 26 percent approval rating, this week it is 54%. What crock of horseshit. 54% of the total, real-population is at or below poverty level with no medical coverage, they can still get gasoline and junkfood cheaper than other shithole countries, but not much else.

    Maybe people will get off their asses

  2. Majia u are wrong about the libertarian right. They have normal rankings. They pushed ending net neutrality. That is a disembled and dishonest position and u know it is!

    1. Enenews was once a premier voice for the awful fukushima mess. Many concerned old antinukers, and others truly cared! Gradually it was infilitrated by rightwing trolls and disinfo agents, till it was degraded to the point nobody gave a shit anymore.

      Trolls even tryed to dox the owner of the site and stalk him. There were many attempts by hackers, traced to the ukraine to bring the site down. There have been some great spinoff bloggers from enenews is the only good point now.

      The trolling and degradation of the site got so bad, admin does not post anymore. Enenews is still ranked quite high by google and, I suspect it is because that all that is left there are the creepy crawler ringwrs and rightwing trump trolls that infitrated it so long ago are there that google has not deranked it. I al Maybe with the trumptrolls google has not deranked it. We appreciate enenews admin for keeping the archives up for so long, to allow people to continue to gleen information about fukushima and nuclear that had not existed till ennenews.

      vital1 is the only real info source left on enenews. I hope that antinukers will create other networks, as this ugly authoritarian- darkness creeps foeward strangling the life out of democracy in america! I think the people like obama were a part of the neoconservative totalitarian agenda, started by Bush Cheney, except that they did do the nuclear deal with iran.

      The current nastys in power, seem intent to bring america into total darkness. They relish nuclearism, racism, sexism, corporate exploitation and have declared war on most of the citizens of the usa especially the most vulnerable. It is like an surreal, ugly-nightmare.

    2. Anonymous at 8:25
      Propornot, which I've commented on has a list of sites to be censored including many independent thinkers who are right but not Koch brother style. These are what I'm referring to when I say libertarian right. They tend to be critical of finance but believe in free market principles, as opposed to the left that think markets inevitably deliver monopoly

    Res ipsa loquitur ("The thing itself speaks")
    HomeHumpy Dumpty Duty: Trump Regularly Rips Up Documents, Requiring Staff To Tape Them Back Together To Comply With Federal Law
    Humpy Dumpty Duty: Trump Regularly Rips Up Documents, Requiring Staff To Tape Them Back Together To Comply With Federal Law

    June 11, 2018 jonathanturley Bizarre, Lawyering, Politics, Society
    Denslow's_Humpty_Dumpty_1904440px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_TrumpThere is an interesting new story about a bizarre practice by President Donald Trump who reportedly rips up material given to him despite the duty to preserve the documents under the Presidential Records Act. Two staffers have recounted how they were required to spend considerable time taping the documents back together to stay in compliance with the PRA. They reportedly complained about the duty for people making $60,000 a year. They were suddenly fired. This Humpy Dumpty duty raises some serious questions of federal violations.

    Many years ago, I wrote an academic piece on Presidential Records Act, which called for expanded claims over presidential documents. See Jonathan Turley, Presidential Records and Popular Government: The Convergence of Constitutional and Property Theory in Claims of Control and Ownership of Presidential Records 88 Cornell Law Review 651-732 (2003). The premise of the piece challenged the view of presidents that they own such documents. Obviously, ripping up the documents is the ultimate claim of personal ownership. Staffers called it Trump’s “storage system.”

    Many of these documents are treated as historical records under the PRA. They are to be handed over to the National Archives for preservation. If this account is true, there are serious questions of the violation of the federal law — just as deleting emails or other records would constitute such a violation.

    Solomon Lartey, 54, worked for 30 years for the government and described the difficult task of putting these documents back together. Reginald Young Jr, a senior records management analyst, also confirmed the bizarre duty. He was also suddenly fired.

  4. The elites are consolidating more authoritarian and totalitarian rule. There will be something ugly soon, like cops massacreing a large homeless camp, tent city in seattle with many women and children. It will be a warning massacre


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