Wednesday, February 21, 2018

More Risks of Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East

I submit without comment:

Michael R. Gordon, Timothy Puko, Summer Said (2018, February 20). U.S. Pursues Saudi Nuclear Deal, Despite Proliferation Risk. The Wall Street Journal,

Lawmakers are likely to bristle at kingdom’s refusal to accept enrichment and reprocessing curbs


  1. Michael Flynn, wanted to build dozens of reactors, in the middle east. He wanted to do it with the Russians. What happened to that story?



    80 year extensions on crappy nuclear reactors, in murica, at a time when renewbles are safe and thousands of times less costly. At a time when multiple hurricanes are hitting, neutron brittled reactors and seismic activity is known to set off old reactors, like fukushima.At a time, when 50 years high-level nuclear waste has accumulated, with no safe way to store it. Waste that will last a million years. Now, reactors in saudi arabia with no accountability. The russians are undoubtably in the deal. Time to dump the evil son of a devil, trump and his lackeys.

  4. Most would have done better in a third, or second world country. It woud be better, having normal kids, breathing fresh air. If one only lived to be 40 or 50, it would be better.

    So much pain and anguish now. The irony of nuclear countries, is that many kids are disbaled or end up chronically ill, from radioactivity mutations or, organ damage later.

    Means, the southern hemisphere people, are definitely genetically superior to mostly, whites in northern, so called, developed-nuclear countries. So screw the altright and trump fascists. They are stupid, dying abberations. For most republicans, their version of the future are gated-communities and their own right-wing death-squads, roaming the country-side to make themselves feel more secure.

    Screw the punks, that want to continue mining, the genotoxic garbage in the west. Continue building lose-lose psychotic, nuclear weapons. Continue building , crappy Rube-Goldburg radiation, contraptions that make energy production, far more expensive and dangerous, than it should be.

    They do not know, what is good for themselves.

    Nuclear-morons, are simplistic psychotic, radioactive, rube goldburg-machine makers, who will try to dazzle you with their hyperbolic knowledge, of Jimmy Neutron. They have no explanation of what it does to Human RNA or DNA. The doubling of autism, every 4 years in America. The outrageous amount of thyroid dysfunction in murica. The exponential growth in thyroid cancer, and heart defects, in children, in Japan, since the beginning of the Fukushima meltdowns and fuel-pool fire.

    Nothing genetically superior about us nucleoapes in the north at all, especially now. When a reactor goes off here in the next year or two, from the increased flooding and hurricanes, there will be no respite. Most of the reators in the us, by far, are in coastal regions or by flood-prone, large bodies of water, and rivers. One of the hundred rickety neutron-embrittled, pieces of shit, will go off in the next year or two. See if the demented lump of flesh, trump cares, when it happens. Three hurricanes in a row hit the Texas coast last year. 

    These radioactive monstrosities are water gobblers, that release unimaginable amounts of heat into coastal ocean water and  flood-prone rivers. They also release large amounts of tritium, they are held unaccountable for. When one of the used-fuel pools of these monsters,  with several tons of high level nuclear waste catches fire, there will be no place to hide. Just 2 pounds of cesium 134 or cesium 137 is eneough to make an area the size of New York state, uninhabitable

    Funny how Michael Flynn wanted to build dozens, of these things with the Russians, using, the poorly designed Rosatom reactors.  Not that there is really a well designed nuclear reactor.

    As is being demonstarted by, Fukushima, in Japan.
    Agonizing death. Creepy preppers will be too sick to fan out and, terrorize the countryside in America as they claim they will do if Trump is not pres..
    A cosmic joke on their lame, psychotic asses. They will be wishing for civilized, suicide parlors. Maga, maggots

  5. The dead preacher Billy Graham, called for Richard Nixon to use nuclear bombs in Vietnam. He wanted nixon to blowup dikes with nuclear bombs. It would have killed 10s of millions, more than the 10s of millions of innocents murdered by Nixon and Kissenger in Laos, Cambodia, North and South Vietnam. Along with agent orange, and who knows, whats else, large areas of vitnam would be uninhabitable from radioactivity, today. Maga, lets use fist strike nukes.

  6. Sic transit gloria mundi. Thus passes the glory of the world. People who grew up in the days of Christianity never expected this world to be a nice place. It is said that people who read the Bible handle disasters and the like much better than those who are not religious. What do today's young people fall back on when all seems lost?

  7. The age of mappo is in full swing


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