Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Beauty that Inspires


  1. Please help support through paypal. Arclight is a shining light of humanity, in the otherwise dreary world of nuclear and cjemical pollution. He publishes I owe him a great debt for the hard work he has done in opening my eyes to thiw deadly scourge. It is for life itself and our children.

    Thanks Terry


    Russia. No nuclear transparency. Uses soviet style tactics against nuclear activists. Same can be said in United states. Usa is not a free country. The nuclear security state and MIC run the show. I remember activists, at Yucca mountain Harassed in the 80s being harassed and stalked by spooks. . I have been harassed. Many jailed for protesting nuclear weapons sites in the past 60 years. We are all forced to live in nuclear filth that is genotoxic, lowers our life expectancy, makes us sick. It maims and kills our loved ones and all living things. Nuclear reactors, bombs, taste created so evil, ignorant and psychotic- bastards can continue to enrich themselves and continue the big lie. Almost all veterans are atomic soldiers, including my dad, and brother. They keep cutting veterans benefits. Most of us who are second generation citizens whether iraqi, native, asian, white, etc are downwinders feom the genotoxic effects of open air testing , underground testing in the us, nuclear waste, americium in smoke defectors land fills, thorium welding, medical isotopes, rivers in the west filled the uranium waste, leaky nuclear reactors, dumps like west st Louis filled with nuclear waste, nuclear waste dumps every where most we know nothing about, fracked nuclear waste, isotopes in water, old melted reactors, the usa is a nuclear and chemical sewer. Even the fluoride in water and toothpaste originally came from nuke waste. Depleted uranium munitions shot off in military arsenals around the us routinely. The lies go on and get worse. Trump makes laws so there can be much more of it. In the face of Fukushima. Conservatives that know about Fukushima , encourage and let trump and the republicans get away with this psychotic refunding of the nuclear industry and nuclear mic


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