Friday, December 15, 2017

Ajit Pai, Minion of Telecom Giants, Grieviously Insults Intelligence of American People

Today in the paper, Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Commission Chairman and revolving door champion of the telecommunications industry grossly insulted the intelligence of the American people in his myopic and infantile comments
John D. McKinnon (2017, December 15). FCC Reverses Rules on Net Access. The Wall Street Journal, A, A4 (print edition):

Mr. Pai attempted to counter the predictions of doom recently by releasing a video in which he dressed up as Santa Claus and a Jedi warrior, to underscore that CONSUMERS  will still be able to shop and follow their entertainment favorites on the web.

Notice how Pai reduces citizens to consumers and constructs their interests in the web exclusively in relation to the pursuit of entertainment and consumption. [See image here:]

The idea that citizens might want to seek and share information on the web enabling education, self actualization, and full democratic participation is fundamentally in contradiction to Pai's construction of the public as passive, infantile, and id-driven.

The guy is a full heir of Edward Bernays and the cult of the propagandists, described so fully by Adam Curtis in the Century  of the Self (see Vimeo here:

And to add insult to injury, the guy has the arrogance and audacity to appropriate cultural symbols of goodness and justice while demeaning the intelligence of the American public.

I'm utterly sickened by this display of utter stupidity and arrogance.


  1. This is a time of great meanness, darkness, ugliness, and psychosis. Trump reminds me of the nazis, in power in the Ukraine. He reminds me of Abe in Japan. When people's lives are bad, torture them. Make sure there are more nuclear meltdowns. Make sure there is the worst imaginable hell, for all living creatures to endure, in their last days.

  2. Dirty deeds by Flynn. Driving Uranium Prices sky high and oil prices sky high. No wonder Tump wanks to frack the heck out of whats left of the western United States and mine it for Uranium , in Utahs Bears Ears, the Grand Canyon, and elsewhere. This will leave Utah, New mexico and Arizona with a billion tons of Uranium Nuclear waste. Nuclear waste Mined and refined by a foreign Company : Canadian Co. Energy Fuels. A billion tons of nuclear waste that will never be cleaned up. That is because Trump signed a bill, saying that Nuclear corporations do not have create funds to clean-up, their messes, when they are through. Trump got rid of the red tape alright!

    Does The Flynn Middle East Nuclear Reactor Deal Include A Plot For A New Oil Cartel To Double The Price Of Oil?

    15FridayDec 2017

    "At the center of the Middle East US-Russia nuclear plan appears to be a plan for an oil cartel to drive the price of oil up to $100 per barrel (currently it is in the $50-$60 range). The nuclear Middle East plan involves the major oil producers. Driving up the price of oil would also make their nuclear projects appear more justified, (even though a solar Middle East is a no-brainer). It will make the price of uranium go up too. The nuclear plan also proposes to turn the US government owned TVA into an international corporation apparently along the lines of Russian government owned Rosatom and French government owned Areva-EDF, while including Exelon. They want the Ukraine to give up Crimea in exchange for participation in the project"

    Uranium firm urged Trump officials to shrink Bears Ears National Monument

  3. Now we know why Trump and, a lot of Republicans, want to build a big, high wall. They know that they have and will to screw the American people so badly, they will have to make a run for it. Of Course, Canada will not take such filth. So, many of them will scurry to Mexico and dig tunnels under the wall, so they can get back in to spend some of their loot here, from time to time.


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