Monday, April 3, 2017

Re-Writing History

History is being written. The narrative evolving in the mainstream media about the 2016 election is that Hillary Clinton lost as a result of Russian hacking.

It has yet to be disclosed how Russian hacking caused the election loss.

I think the soon-to-be-hegemonic explanatory framework is going to articulate a "dumbed-down" American public, represented as too befuddled to discern truth from the "fake news" about Hillary Clinton promulgated across the Internet.

What will be missing from this emerging narrative's explanatory framework?

Declining economic opportunities wrought by Clinton neoliberal reforms (e.g., free trade and financial de-regulation) and dis-satisfaction with DNC treatment of Bernie Sanders will fade in significance as the alleged role of Russian hacking ascends.

I fear this narrative is going to be used to censor "alternative" news sites in a new regime of truth deployed to combat the productivity of the web 2.0 environment.

It is true the web 2.0 is a chaotic place where conspiracy theories do run amok. However, the mainstream news also deploys the worst forms of sophistry on occasion and its regular formatting mandates too often lead to truncated, homogenized, and stereotyped narratives of events.

Rather than elevating one group's truths over another should we not focus instead on sharpening the critical thinking skills of the electorate?



  1. What is funny to me is that both corporate political parties, in the united states, are hell-bent on suicide. They have messed up America so badly with foreign adventurism and by allowing their corporate masters to suck our blood , they have no place to go except for bs fantasies and after each other in their respective parties.   They are destroying themselves from the inside out. They have carried out so many intrigues abroad, and for their corporate masters here, that they have no one to screw anymore but themselves from within.

    Until a candidate is willing to confront the nuclear reactor, fuel pool, nuclear weapon issues, our lives hang in the balance. 

    Two candidates brought up the grave dangers of nuclear reactors, and nuclear war, in the last election. They even talked about Fukushima.  Neither of the corporate candidates did.

    Both  of those candidates that brought-up Fukushima, and the grave dangers we are faced with by nuclear, were crushed by dirty tricks and extremist propaganda-baiting in the last elections.  Gutter tactics were used against them by the two corporate parties, per usual.

    The current corporate goofball has betrayed every populist notion he   flashed, to a growingly dispirited people hungry for change. That is, on free trade, forgiving student loans, clearing the swamp, a decent healthcare system where people can actually see a doctor. He is more involved in yemen than the neocon, corporate-democrats. He is trying desperately to betray everyone on healthcare reform. All those Carrier jobs he promised to keep here, have flown the coop to Mexico.

    The Russian Rosatom owned, and controlled by Putin, is the only nuclear company left with a pocketbook big enough to guarentee 20 or 40 billion dollar reactor construction  and operation afterwords anymore.  That is  because nuclear reactors are so dangerous, expensive to build, and, not even remotely competitive with other energy sources anymore.

    Rosatom is on almost every continent on earth, promoting its highly flawed and dangerous reactors. Like crooked used car salesman, they sue countries that try to back out of deals with them. Hungary and Belarus saw they would probably go bankrupt from Russian reactors , and got sued for trying to get out.

    If a reactor goes off and a fuel pool catches fire in the east, it could likely pull down part of the grid and cause other reactors to blow. If it is from a flood hurricane, or tsunami, or earthquake,  like Japan , a series could go off.

    Right now the epa is being gutted. Many netc stations are being taken off-line.
    The new corporate prez wants to cut back spending on renewables in favor of coal, big oil and nuclear. He  wants to deregulate the nuclear industry more, and let them be solely policed by the individual owners, of nuclear power plants.

    Radioactive isotopes and heavy metals in water , will likely, not be monitored soon.
    If there is a major nuclear accident or series of catastrophes most will likely not know about it until they get sick or get out of harms way, if there were a chance to do so.


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