Saturday, February 25, 2017

AZ Senate Seeks to Stamp Out Free Assembly

The Arizona Senate is so desperate to curtail First Amendment rights that it approved legislation that allows authorities to seize the property of any person who simply attends a demonstration designated as a "riot" and/or in which property is destroyed:
Bob Christie. February 23, 2017. AZ Senate OKs racketeering charges for riots. The Arizona Republic, available,

The Arizona Senate on Wednesday approved a bill that makes participating in or helping organize a protest that turns into a riot an offense that could lead to criminal racketeering charges, legislation Republican backers say is needed to crack down on violent protesters.

The measure adds rioting to the organized crime statutes and says an overt act isn't needed to prove conspiracy to riot, meaning someone could be charged who wasn't involved in the actual riot.

...Senate Bill 1142 would allow prosecutors to seize a person's assets in addition to enhanced criminal charges....
As Laurie Roberts writes in her Feb 25 editorial in The Arizona Republic, the "State bill aims to quell protest - and speech" by expanding the state's RICO laws, as she explains:
"In addition to seizing the assets of anyone involved in a protest that turned violent, the bill would allow the police to arrest the protest organizers" (3A)
We live in frightening times for those who love liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness.

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  1. Good news! The Governor did not sign this legislation to it is currently dead.


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