Thursday, July 14, 2016

Alleged Nuclear Blast at New Taipei City's Wanli District May 16, 2016

A friend sent the link to this article describing an alleged nuclear blast at New Taipei City's Wanli District occurred on May 16, 2016:

Stephanie Chao. June 2, 2016. Cover-up': Leaked photos suggest nuclear plant blast, China Post,

Taiwan Power Co. faced allegations Thursday that it had attempted to cover up an explosion at the Second Nuclear Power Plant in mid-May, after a lawmaker revealed leaked photos apparently showing charred reactor equipment.

New Power Party Legislator Huang Kuo-chang (黃國昌), who said he was handed the photos by an anonymous Taipower employee, blasted the company and the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) for downplaying the incident, which the state-owned energy firm had repeatedly said was a "high-temperature compression" and not an explosion.

The six photos that Huang received from the source on Wednesday suggest otherwise, showing equipment in the No. 2 reactor apparently charred black.

The source also said the company had issued restrictions barring employees from disclosing details of the incident to outside parties, Huang said.

An investigation team had already been assembled to look into the incident, Taipower representatives said.
No way to verify this report but Michael at Allegedly Apparent blogpost has some official radiation monitoring data that lends circumstantial support to the claims that a blast occurred:

Michael attributed the spike in radiation readings in Europe to Fukushima but the spike may possibly have been caused by the Taiwan plant.


  1. Maybe that is why my friend wants to get put of Taipei so badly. Then the have to cope with Fukushima too. Sounds like the Ukraine of the wipp dump in USA. Big flipping coverups. Luckily I have good Geiger counters and a scintillometer. I can tell what's going on. I recommend people get a medtronics even a used old medtronics 50 for 80 dollars. Has alpha window.

  2. Very interesting. And entirely possible that detections in Europe trace back to Taiwan.,87.98,265/loc=121.299,25.542


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