Thursday, June 16, 2016

Outside Investigation Team Concludes TEPCO Censored Use of Word "Meltdown"

This "news" just reported:
AP (2016, June 16). Utility head blamed for late mention of Fukushima 'meltdown.' Fox News,

TOKYO – An outside investigation team appointed by the operator of Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear plant said Thursday that an instruction from then-company president to avoid mentioning "meltdown" delayed disclosure of the status of three reactors.
...In the 70-page report, the lawyers said Shimizu instructed his deputy not to use the word "meltdown" during news conferences immediately after the crisis when officials were peppered with questions about the reactor conditions. At the very beginning, TEPCO's vice president at the time, Sakae Muto, had mentioned a "possibility of a meltdown" until March 14, 2011.
I don't quite understand why this is novel "news" because Japan admitted in June of 2011 that full meltdowns and likely melt-throughs had occurred at the plant in their report to the IAEA:

‘Melt-through” at Fukushima? / Govt report to IAEA suggests situation worse than meltdown. (2011, June 8). The Daily Yomiuri Online. Available from, accessed 8 June 2011

That said, it is helpful that an "outside investigation team" is finally confirming what everyone who watched the disaster unfold knew.

Now what is needed is full disclosure regarding actual plant conditions.

China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson recently warned travelers of Fukushima radiation risks in Japan and urged Japan's government to speak openly about plant conditions, as illustrated in these two links:

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on June 7, 2016, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China,

China Urges Japan to Explain Fukushima Nuclear Leak to the World
2016-06-08 06:39:24 Web Editor: Zhang Xu

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei has called on Japanese officials to provide details of the impact of the Fukushima nuclear incident.... Hong Lei urged the Japanese government to shoulder responsibility as it's expected, "The government of a country should guarantee the security and lawful rights and interests of foreign citizens. On the follow-up treatment of the incident, Japan should explain clearly to the world with a responsible attitude."

I like what Lei said: "Japan should explain clearly to the world with a responsible attitude" Fukushima Daiichi plant conditions.

Of course, the reason the world meltdown was censored in 2011 and the reason Japan passed the state secrets act in 2014 was so that information could be withheld in order to prevent outrage against an industry that threatens Japan with nuclear annihilation, especially in the context of heightened geological activity.


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