Thursday, June 23, 2016

Imperial Western World Order?

Below are two articles and a song that suggest the west is devolving into an imperial world order. The US is described as a garrison state and the EU is described as authoritarian and exploitative. The nuclear sons and daughters of the western world are described as dead from the dreaded disease (radiation poisoning?).

These descriptions don't exhaust what can be said about the west, but they do identify troubling elements within the western world that threaten humanity's capacity to survive by addressing global political and environmental issues.

Moreover, the centralization of military and economic power in western military and economic institutions also threaten what is best about the west: recognition and protection of individual rights and concern for social justice.

Thus, the critiques I offer below do not constitute my endorsement for forms of government found in evolving non-western aligned powers, such as Russia and China. I note in my book on Crisis Communication that these nations' state-owned enterprises too often re-inscribe the same extractive and colonizing logics found in the west.

Phantom dangers, imperial networks: How Pentagon sees the world. RT, June 22, 2016,

....As of Monday, the US had 187,000 troops deployed in 140 countries, according to Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley. Note, also, that the US Department of Defense has carved up the world into six “combat commands.” 

Joseph Richardson. June 22, 2016 The Left and the EU: Why Cling to This Reactionary Institution?

Across the Continent, the unelected officials who have usurped the power of national governments and asserted their right to determine the fates of countless millions, through their adherence to the damaging creed of neoliberalism, have wrought suffering on an unimaginable scale, casting millions into poverty and removing the last vestige of dignity people cling to in an economy that has fallen prey to the voracious claims of big business. They have foisted austerity on unwilling populations, creating a cycle of endless unemployment and ever increasing woe, compelling ordinary workers struggling to eke out an existence in the wake of the most painful recession in living memory to shoulder the burden of repaying a debt which was originally incurred as a result of the criminal behaviour of Europe’s financiers. With brazen contempt for the views of the peoples of Europe they claim to serve, they have connived to topple left-wing governments and deny the citizens of the countries most affected by austerity their one remaining means – their inalienable right to elect a government subservient to their will – of resisting the vicious policies that have reduced them to their present abject state.



"The Western World"

We are the dregs of the western world
The steroid boys and video girls
We are the viral internet stars
And the anchor man can't stop crying

We are the dead with the dreaded disease
The nuclear sons for you and me
Let's go all right, all right, let's go
What the fuck are you saying?

Now I don't wanna live here anymore
(Gonna watch it burn)
We are the best and we'll fight to the death
There's nothing left worth fighting for
In the western world

This is the end of evolution's rise
The feeding frenzy of the uncivilized
The paparazzi parasites
And the vultures can't stop feeding

This is the face of our vanity
The tabloid death of inhumanity
Let's go all right, all right, let's go
What the fuck are you saying?


  1. There is in the universe a desire to group, cluster, crowd . . . panpsychism or animism would impute desire and low grade awareness to everything . . . But there is also revulsion and a moving away and individuation. Institutions and corporations push the crowd desire to the point of highly controlled mob where violence done in secret (e.g. in 3rd world nations) releases pent up anger and high salaries keep the mob short of rioting. You can hate the job but be too hooked on the income to quit and be a loner. A nice scene in X-Files where a young guy says he hates his town and would like to be abducted in order to be free of the anxiety of finding a job.

  2. We get two preordained nwo candidates again in the upcoming election. Both pronuclear. The only thing that came close to possible breaking of the death grip, was when hundreds of thousands or antinuks converged on Washington DC under Carter.Thus beyond nuclear, nukefree were born. There is an impetus and cause for survival to do it again. Buy now the contamination is much worse and most reactors are so old there is much greater risk.

  3. Don't under estimate Trump he has five children and a few grandchildren Hilary was a reluctant mother of one Obama probably adopted
    Trump and Putin have a rapport and he has said he will talk to N Korea He likes the Chinese and has said so on numerous occasions whereas Hillary is antagonistic to just about everyone including us!

  4. Scre trump chumpboy. Not here to talk about rightwing prominence nophobes. Why don't you go post with Alex Jones. Maybe snort some coke with him william

    1. Screw trump chumpboy. Not here to talk about rightwing pronukee xenophobes. Why don't you go post with Alex Jones. Maybe snort some coke with him william

  5. These are the kind of family values people like trump has

    Trump let's have more countries with nuclear arsenals. Of course that means more reactors to make weapons grade plutonium

    Trump is all for nuclear energy and goes with building the proposal by pronukers to build a thousand more nuclear power plants in the us to generate electricity and radioisotopes for so-called radiation therapy

    1. While I do favor nuclear power it is preferable to nuclear war. Neither have much appeal but the human species is a risk taker. By the way there is presently an excessive of plutonium. And I would not take the suit against Trump seriously.

    2. should read do not favor nuclear power--typing too fast

  6. You are a jerk. A pronuke jerk. I knew it a long time ago

    1. you are imagining things if you are referring to me as I have long been against nuclear period and never an advocate i guess you are projecting your shadow

  7. There are pronuke moles everywhere. Socref and MF said he had hidden accomplices on enenews. Its amazing how far, go much money, and how devious the government is. They love to use spooks too. That's why you always talk about the spook. You are affiliated with educate yourself. What a sick twisted asshat

    1. Nuclear power aannd nuclear weapons are inextricably intertwined. Nuclear power is not even economically feasable.


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