Sunday, March 6, 2016

Unusual Event South Carolina Nuclear Plant

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  1. There is murphies law applied to the bad contraptions people make. There is murphy'law applied to human error. multiple multiples of human malfunctions that can be exacerbated by human malfunction. The human murphys law stuff. Sometimes it happens when humans are malfunctioning sometimes when performing in good shape. Humans can be in downd modes. Making murphys law possible and making more things go wrong than seemingly possinble. Like when a person has high blood sugar, a hangover, the flu, fight at home, cancer doesnt know it, ambien fog, pot fog, hangover, gets clunked on head by containment bolt or main coolant valve falling apart, falls into a highly radioactive kiddy pool thet are using as containment for a leak and accidentally pushes a button that send plant in to meltdown. How about disregards a green light that says the core is overheating. Whats this? He dropped a big lug wrench into the fuel assembly while refueling and bent several fuel rods!
    They did not mean too but they turned the main reactor manual coolant valve wrong way causing an explosion meltdown.

    Could have flooded the pressurized containment with boron as it went into super critical mode.   Decided not to flood reactor with boron even though all systems have failed there is sure meldown going on, as with fukushima and exelon wants to try to save the old crappy irradiated reactors like fukushima


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