Sunday, December 20, 2015

Junk Food Junkies

I've noticed a very strange correlation between people who are socially and conservative Republican (not libertarian) and consumption of crap junk food.

People I know who are market fundamentalists and believe in the status quo corporate oligarchy seem to think the food produced by the chemical-agricultural-food complex is SAFE and NUTRITIOUS.

It is really strange because the people I'm describing are intelligent and educated individuals who for some reason put aside their rational capacities when it comes to their stomachs.

They have no trouble loading up with foods with lists of ingredients including myriad, unpronounceable human-engineered chemicals. In fact, their core diets are defined by these food types.

Worse, their kids grow up eating this highly processed, synthetically-chemically-enriched "food."

These people often hate the government, but take the assurances of corporate complexes, FDA and EPA as gospel.

I wish I could understand the contradictions.


  1. Bob Hope Christmas Eve At The Front 1943

    Very interesting. A more unified America and a simpler one. Also some Christmas carols on the same page from 1943 at King's College Cambridge . . .
    Yes, run of the mill Republicans are as you say, but the conservative Christians have become very health conscious and suspicious of gov in general including the tampered food and vaccines. Meanwhile the Democrats are wondering what they can eat especially if they are with relatives who are Republicans and deny gluton sensitivity!
    Last night I was reflecting on the incredibly distorted image people have of WWII and how that might contribute to another WW. A realistic presentation of the war would have to show the Allies as just as vicious as the Axis and how they trampled as victors on the defeated--once considered the hight of dishonor. It is a great misfortune that this very faulty picture has and still influences American foreign policy which is the policy of mad men.
    Merry and Happy ______!

    1. Excellent points. The comment about romanticization of WWII especially pertinent.

  2. It is a culture that is very out of touch. The atomic culture. Pesticides, fluridated water, tetraethyl lead, propylene glycol, tritiated water. How much worse can it get. A culture that worships poison.

    1. Yes! but who worship unwittingly.

      I just don't understand that.

    2. Things are mpre contaminated than even you I think Majia. There was almost certainly a meltdown at rocky flats in 1957. Its hard to comprehend the toxic soup that so many of us move sround in now. Especially in cities like denver colorado, naples italy, tokyo japan.

    3. Thank you for the link to the Atlantic's article on Iversen's account of Rocky Flats. Her book is great. I hadn't seen this excellent interview before. Thanks.


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