Monday, September 21, 2015

Japanese Scholars Combat LDP Changes to Constitution

Japanese academics are bravely standing up to the LDP's new "security legislation" which essentially deconstructs Japan's post-World War II Constitution:

"Scholars determined to kill security legislation before enforcement," The Mainichi September 21, 2015, An army of intellectuals and university professors gathered in Tokyo on Sept. 20 to announce their opposition to the ruling coalition's railroading of the controversial security legislation through the House of Councillors. One hundred and seventy-one members of the Association of Scholars Opposed to the Security-related Bills held a news conference at Gakushikaikan hall in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward and criticized the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for railroading the security legislation through the upper house amid strong objection from the public and opposition parties. They announced a statement saying that the government's move was "nothing but a violation of constitutionalism and a reckless act to abandon Japan's pacifism."

This move to derail Abe's security legislation is particularly brave given the LDP government is trying very to destroy the arts, humanities and social sciences in Japanese Universities:
 Shusuke Murai, Subsidies used as carrot to prod national universities to streamline, ditch humanities The Japan Times (June 25, 2015).
Other groups that have resisted LDP railroading have faced sanctions. For example, LDP members threatened to target newspapers that ran editorials critical of the security bills:
Mizuho Aoki, Masaaki Kameda, Magdalena Osumi (June 26, 2015). “Media fire back at LDP for targeting revenue of newspapers critical of security bills,” The Japan Times,
I am repeatedly impressed by the sincere pacifism of the majority of Japanese citizens.


  1. I wish i could impart the enormity of complexity going on here Majia. The new komeito, which helped bring the liberal democratic party to power is a humugous super rich, pacifist lay buddhist political party in japan. The new komeito is run by the huge buddhist group sgi or soka gakai international. it alone keeps the ldp in power.

    The sgi or soka gakai buddhist group started in japan before world war 2 as a pacifist group. Supposedy its founders were imprisoned during world waR 2 for protesting world war 2.

    SGI has millions of members world wide. There is little or no separation of church and state in this case in japan so sgi and the new komeito has gained a lot of power in japan in the last 40 years. It has done so through donations by its millions of members in japan and its many business interests.

    Sgi or soka gakai is a buddhist prosperity ministry based on the lotus sutra. their founders were jailed before world war 2 for pacifism but they are also money oriented. i respect them but my respect is waning because by their own doctrine they are swonrn to neverballow the non military article of the constitution of japan to be changed.

    buddhist were hunted and killed during the extremely militarist meji restoration of the emporer in 1850 that led to the sino japanese empire and ww2.

    Soka gakai or sgi and the new komeito became very big in japan as a huge pacifist religios group abd very powrful political group post world war 2.. they are also seemingly a little machiavellian because they have allied with liberal democratic party run by abe. It shows me how terrible things have become in japan. Sgi has sworn it will never let the ldp change the constitution like this. They , the sgi run new komeito are the only thing keeping the ldp in power now through their political organ the new komeito.

    The new komeito is SGI or soka gakai the largest lay buddhist group in japan and the world.

    This is all so sick and change the japanese constitution like this. Japan is being ripped to pieces by desparation . By political mental illness and fear . Bu total chronic and acute radiation poisoning. By cancer , birth defects, and genocide.

    Imagine chernobyl people being resettled in the forbidden exclusion zone of chernobly. Well, the much larger exclusion zone around fukushima is 10000 times worse. Even Tokyo in some places is probably is probaly worse than the exclusion zone of chernobyl.It is far worse than belarus.

    The nuclear power creatures are by unimaginable proportions the largest a criminal enterprise in human history. 500 billion dollars a year in profits and manipulations. The nuclear criminal enterprises, of which every part is pathological, make the combined mafias of the world look like toe jam and are quite often are intertwined with them. They have a 1.6 billion dollar a year pr budget that employs the worse propaganda shills and trolls, extortion and even murder in karen silkwoods case. How deep can human depravity go?

  2. Cogressman Hanks Johnson of Georgia Is a Soka Gakai member in the united states. He knows about new komeito. i think he has done some good thingsMore Congressman and SGI member Hank Johnson: "Let us curtail the free speech rights of corporations"
    Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says,

    Please all anti nukers write him a letter and ask him to urge new komeito members in japan to drop support of the ldp. to stop the resttling of fukushima refugees back by fukushima and to do something about fukushima poisoning the pacific ocean. thankyou

  3. Thank you very much for the interesting background


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