Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Clintons' Uranium Deal and the Nuclear Complex

Davidson, Amy (2015, April 24). Five Questions About the Clintons and a Uranium Company. The New Yorker,

[excerpted] The Times has reported that people involved in a series of Canadian uranium-mining deals channelled money to the Clinton Foundation while the firm had business before the State Department. And, in one case, a Russian investment bank connected to the deals paid money to Bill Clinton personally, through a half-million-dollar speaker’s fee.....

read the entire article. This example illustrates the idea of the NUCLEAR COMPLEX.

The nuclear complex consists of diverse organizations and institutional authorities- including mining companies, uranium processing facilities, private utilities, university faculty and research, government agencies and authorities, financial institutions, and NGOs - that are predicated upon control of the elements of the underworld, especially uranium and plutonium.

The nuclear complex's uranium-plutonium economy is organized by a manic psychosis that is embedded in the names of the complex's fetishized genotoxic elements, Uranium and Plutonium.

The etymology of Uranium takes us to the Greek god of the sky:
Uranus: Also, Ouranos. Classical Mythology. the personification of Heaven and ruler of the world, son and husband of Gaea (Earth) and father of the Titans, who was castrated and dethroned by his youngest son, Cronus, at the instigation of Gaea.

The etymology of Plutonium takes us to the Greek god of the underworld:
Pluto: Classical Mythology. a name given to Hades, under which he is identified by the Romans with Orcus. 
These definitions elucidate the psychosis afflicting the nuclear complex (i.e., the uranium-plutonium assemblage): 

Humans inhabiting the assemblage imagine themselves after Uranus, god of the sky, while the biological consequences of their assemblage's operations feed death itself, participating in cascades of  biological tipping points with unknown long-term consequences for self-aware life on earth.

The complex is deluded by its reign of power upon earth and fails to register fully the extent of cascading tipping points.

Environmental crisis (e.g., Fukushima), after environmental crisis (BP Oil Spill), after crisis (routine dumping of highly toxic waste at sea including radioactive waste) shock,

but only enough to produce temporarily strain in the dominant narrative of rising boats and endless expansion.

The most genocidal complexes, those whose deployments honor Pluto through mass sacrifice, are impervious to change.



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  2. As at least members of the minor oligarchy lacking the wealth and power to belong to the major oligarchy the Clintons believe that they have a license to do what they please which apparently is grab money for their old age. Here are two persons who could do a great deal of service for mankind were they not so narcissistic. Or whatever their problem is. As for Chernobyl I was sensing a nuclear disaster in Ukraine at some future time, but had not thought at all about a fire which really is a disaster without the drama of the original. Given all the radiation the area became a wilderness and prone to fire. Too bad the gov is so obsessed with murdering its citizens and former citizens. Bill is quite a reader so surprised he has not run across the word extinction.


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