Sunday, April 12, 2015

More of the Same from Fukushima

Some readers may wonder why I continue to post jet screen maps and screenshots of atmospheric emissions from Daiichi. I sometimes ask myself that question as well.

The answer is that I am trying to document the ongoing assault from the worst nuclear disaster in human history.

I realize that the main contamination event is occurring out of sight, in the ocean, as fresh water contaminated by melted nuclear fuel seeps and gushes into the Pacific Ocean. 

Ocean contamination signs and symptoms are found in TEPCO press releases, acknowledging dumping and spills of contaminated water, and ongoing government and scientific reports of "adverse mortality" events among Pacific Ocean wildlife.

The latest example of an odd animal mortality event is the beaching of 160 plus dolphins in Japan, an unprecedented event. Fukushima Diary reported today that:
"Most of the inspected dolphins had lungs in ischaemia state as “entirely white”
Fukushima Diary states that the head researcher of Japan's National Science Museum investigation of the dolphin beaching declared: “I have never seen such a state.”

I have never seen such a state. Yes, the collapse of the Pacific mammals is indeed an unprecedented state. Dolphins and sea lions have always been my favorite sea mammals, while my youngest son loves the otters best. There is no way to describe the sadness in my heart.

Ongoing atmospheric contamination is probably slight in comparison to the Pacific Ocean ecocide we've labored upon so long and capped with Fukushima's unprecedented and unmitigated radiological assault.

But, I can see and document atmospheric emissions and so I do because these screenshots help close the link between the data points demonstrating ongoing problems and elevated radiation levels AND plant activity, some of which can be seen from the myriad webcams.