Monday, March 30, 2015

Pink Skies at Day Break

TBS cam is now down

Strangely foggy on TEPCO cams. Fog can be seen via Futaba cam, although the rising sun may burn it off (its 6:52 am), presuming its normal fog. Rising sun is making the air above the site sickly pink:

I'm not sure the fog is "normal." My screenshots from earlier this morning indicated very heavy emissions from unit 3 area, which has just had a problem with the gate for the spent fuel pool (see Enenews). No fog was visible at that time.

The pink glow now visible on the Futaba cam has coincided with documented rising radiation levels in the past. But, vehicles can be seen driving to the plant (good news).

Still, I see on Netc that radiation levels are even higher in northern Japan now at 6:52 3/31/2015 AM than they were 5 hours ago. Getting hot!

Here are screenshots

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