Monday, February 16, 2015

1960s Era Advice on Reducing Strontium in Your Diet

Fallout Will Change Food Habits Increased fallout in foods may force a change in diet habits. Foods high in nutrition also have high levels of radio-active contamination, Lillian Levy reports. Science News January 13 1962, p. 26 

[Excerpted] Apples and similar fruit also should be cored, since the cores have even higher strontium content than the peels. Thus applesauce, prepared from peeled and cored apples, though less nutritious, will have substantially less contaminating radiation. 

The high nutrient value of whole grain cereals makes them particularly desirable as a food for growing children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. However, their strontium content is extremely high, many times higher per pound than any other plant food, except tea. Refining and processing the whole grains, while cutting down food values, can reduce radiation contamination as much as eight times, according to FDA studies.

Milk which is rich in calcium is also high in strontium-90. This is because the hay, alfalfa and food grains upon which cows feed have such heavy concentrations of this isotope. 

A process has been developed by the Atomic Energy Commission, the PHS and the Department of Agriculture which can remove strontium-90 from milk.  In the event of a sharp rise in radiation levels, as may be anticipated, strontium- 90 removal plants probably will be established by the dairy industry with Federal aid.... [end]

For background, please see Project Sunshine and the Failed Paradigm of Radiation Protection

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