Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Honda Motors: Same Old Story

The Wall Street Journal reported today: Auto Maker's Chief Issues an Apology p. B6 (Nov 26, 2014):

Honda Motor Co's chief executive apologized for the auto maker's failure to report to US regulators more than 1,700 incidents involving death or injuries over the past decade, saying there had been 'multiple mishandlings'... Mr. Ito's apology comes as Honda is embroiled in one of the biggest safety recalls ever.

The latest Honda recall is over airbags that contain shrapnel capable of killing drivers and passengers.

Honda's management style seems a lot like TEPCO's.

Of course, American corporations are NO different. The other day I was driving on the 101 Freeway in Phoenix in rush hour traffic and I came across a woman in a newer vehicle at a complete standstill in the middle lane of the freeway. She was frozen, petrified in her car as traffic zoomed by on either side and as a line of vehicles piled up behind her. The drivers had avoided hitting her and were protecting her with their vehicles but she could not get out of her car. My heart ached for her terror but there was no way to help.

I suspect she survived that day unscathed, but how many other drivers will be injured or die because of faulty ignition devices in their GM cars?

The problem is SOCIOPATHIC corporations and captured regulators

Sociopathic institutions encode in powerful ways the worst aspects of the human condition and will surely be the mechanism of our destruction.


  1. Any more i think, we need better people. Unfortunately that is what led to the early eugenics; so that road is very hazardous--especially since no one would know what "better" would actually be or ought to be. In the USA more super extroverts certainly. Even the truly great reformers like Gandhi finally led things to massacres that engulfed India when it split into India and Pakistan. Now we have a dam in danger above three nuclear power plants . . . If simply intelligence were enough, Trinity would never have happened as the very bright scientists realizing the war was effectively over would have stalled and kept the two bombs used by Truman out of his hands. Alas, they were probably overwhelmed by curiosity. Caesar might have thought twice about crossing the Rubicon. The world though seems addicted to trouble and even goes way out of its way to create things like 9/11--surely as false a flag as ever flew.
    Hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving!

  2. Majia - I'm going to disagree with you on this one. The Honda airbags have killed 3 people as far as I know.

    If the airbags actually did the killing, then that is 3 too many, but it's hardly an epidemic. US traffic deaths still hover near 30,000 annually. BTW - that number was over 50,000 a year before airbags - they've been effective in saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Plus you have to remember these people were in some kind of accident to blow the airbag in the first place.

    GM ignitions are only different in that they don't fail while saving people's lives . So the 7 deaths attributable to that are actually on the GM designers. However those same designers also design systems that save thousands of lives per year.

    There are many things that are much more dangerous to us.

  3. Dear Anonymous
    I drive a Honda and like my car but I am very concerned about SHRAPNEL in the air bags. That is a problem that should not have been silenced.

    If you read the excerpt I posted you will see that Honda did not report as required by law 1,700 incidents involving death or injuries over the past decade.

    Warning: This Air Bag May Contain Shrapnel - Businessweek
    Bloomberg Businessweek

    Oct 30, 2014 - In 2010 the front seat air bags in Kristy Williams's 2001 Honda Civic deployed while the Atlanta-area woman was stopped at a light. Shrapnel ...

    Toyota re-recalls 766,300 for Takata airbag shrapnel
    USA Today
    Jun 11, 2014 - Toyota is, in effect, re-recalling 766,300 cars and trucks in the U.S. for continued risk of shrapnel blasting out of the front passenger airbag.


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