Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beta Spikes and Rising Radiation Levels

Yesterday and perhaps the day before Phoenix encountered a radioactive plume:
I don't know where it came from. It could have derived from Fukushima, Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, or Palo Verde nuclear power plant. In the end, I guess it doesn't matter because the overarching point is that nuclear power plants are contaminating our environment with man-made radionuclides (and I do mean "man" made).

After seeing this uptick in beta count, I perused the other west coast sites. Many Radnet sites are no longer reporting beta data at all, while gamma data patterns look odd, as illustrated here by the inexplicable shift upwards in Riverside gamma data:

 The EPA Radnet data over the last three years have not been reliable because of many problems with collection, inexplicable temporary outages, and permanently offline sites. I strongly suspect these problems are deliberate because the EPA Inspector General chastised the Radnet system, and Gina McCarthy who was responsible for EPA's atmospheric radiation monitoring, for poor performance during the March 2011 Fukushima disaster and yet the problems cited in their report remain unaddressed and now Gina is heading the EPA. Poor performance was richly rewarded.
Majia's Blog: Gina McCarthy and the Failed Radnet System
My guess is that there have been deliberate efforts made to halt and/or censor atmospheric radiation reporting at locations that show strong beta surges with incoming radiation plumes from Fukushima and other spewing nuclear power plants.

The public has been re-sensitized to radiation contamination by the Fukushima disaster and so industry and its captured regulatory agencies are on the offensive. Atmospheric radiation data are selectively released, especially beta counts because they are easy to compare for novices.

I can tell you that in my observations of EPA's Radnet beta charts for over 3 years now and from running reports from 2010-2009, that normal beta background in the US rarely extended beyond 60 cpm in the highest radiation areas prior to Fukushima UNLESS there was a plume from somewhere coming through (probably from re-fueling at nuclear power plants, which was recently documented by Dr. Ian Fairlee to raise background radiation levels substantially).

Many locations in the US that used to average under 20 cpm with very few spikes are running much higher now, as indicated in Radnet data for California cities located directly on the coast (e.g., LA, San Diego, San Francisco). West coast cities with mountains to the east of them (Bakersfield, Fresno, Sacramento, Yuma) typically have the highest beta levels, although cities under the jet stream in Colorado and the Dakotas also have huge spikes at times.

Private monitoring efforts all over the US and also within Australia reported at Enenews post-your-radiation-readings-discussion forum have found local radiation levels to have increased by 2 to 3 times in North America and slightly less in Australia since Fukushima. See here

However, until recently, the big spikes we saw in late 2011 and early 2012 in North America seemed to have subsided. Now I see that Phoenix is running high beta counts (like a patient coming down with a fever). Other west coast cities are also.

Is Fukushima now producing more atmospheric radiation than it did through the latter half of 2012 and most of 2013?

I don't know what is going on but the new rising levels have me concerned.

I wish I could trust public officials to honestly appraise the public of conditions, risks, and mitigation strategies but I cannot.

I worry that even the environmental science on Fukushima and other radioactive contamination processes will be corrupted by capture.

For example, a friend shared with me this slick new radiation monitoring sight called Fukushima Inform available here

The site seems completely neutral until one looks carefully at the board of directors. Director names are not listed alphabetically so one is led to conclude that those names listed first are of greater import than those names listed last.

Here is the name listed first:

Dr. Robert Walker (Chair) President & CEO, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

I'm guessing that Dr. Walker, CEO of Atomic Energy of Canada, is not a neutral party. It concerns me that his bias, in conjunction with his presumed leadership role among the board of directors, might adversely impact the environmental science on Fukushima eco-system effects through funding decisions and through controlling rights for data publication, the latter of which was a practice that occurred with BP grants to researchers studying oil spill effects in the Gulf of Mexico.

Everywhere I look I see WILLING CAPTURE evidenced by the steadfast refusal to step back and look overall at what is happening to many Pacific sea mammals and fish, among other life forms that are clearly suffering greatly from hazards that have yet to be fully disclosed because to do so would call into question powerful military-industrial institutional matrices.


  1. Majia, I'm in Tucson and for the last 3 days have felt an overwhelming fatigue and unusual sudden tiredness. I'm on ENEnews and watch rad postings. You have expressed exactly what I've want to know, how to find out why there's such high readings lately. It's physically effecting me, the government isn't saying a damn thing. All I can do is stay inside because I don't feel well. This is insane, there must be other people who aren't feeling well but don't know why, who can you turn too? Thank you for blogging and posting to enenews Majia.

  2. There have been elevated readings on the west coast the past week or two.

    Another WIPP plutonium release is coming Monday, this time they are telling us in advance:

  3. I noticed the higher levels also and yes the fatigue was felt here as well.

    Visible emissions at the Daiichi plant have been low since the last typhoon ended. I don't know whether to trust the webcams. Where are those west coast beta spikes coming from?

  4. This troll website "Fukushima Disinfoam" needs to be exposed and outted. They are leaking stories to the press that sound all warm and fuzzy, a clever PR strategy but we are on to the lying bastards.
    - Richard Wilcox

  5. Japan has recently started burning their radioactive debris in order to clean it. Where do they think the radiation is going? By burning the debris, they are simply putting most of the radioactive particles of plutonium and the other man made materials into the air. Why do we ignore the obvious. Atmospheric radiation levels have increased with the debris burning. Go outside and burn some waste debris and I think you will see all the problems going 'up in smoke' like all our remaining years on earth.
    I believe that the sailors on the USS Reagan were downwind from the reactor emissions.
    Happy New Year!
    Fair Winds and Following Seas!
    Stam Peden, Aromas, CA

    wids and Following Seas.

  6. Majia,

    I can't find the name of Robert Walker anywhere at the Fukushima Inform site. Just trying to sort this out. FI is definitely suspicious.

    Thanks, Richard Wilcox

  7. Fukushima Inform is funded by Meopar. It says so on Inform's homepage. Look at MEOPAR's board of directors


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