Sunday, October 5, 2014

Elevated Radiation Readings in Tokyo and Fukushima Emissions: Related?

Well, I definitely suspect that the high radiation readings I saw last night on and again today in Honshu, especially around Tokyo and also on Kyūshū, ultimately derive from Fukushima emissions. Here is a screenshot from today, which shows level 3 warnings, all of which were mostly level 4 warnings last night:

I wonder whether NEW emissions are responsible for the decided spike in private radiation monitoring data? [I check levels frequently]

OR, are Netc's reported spikes in radiation deriving from re-suspension of radionuclides caused by the TYPHOON currently impacting Japan?

What is causing radiation levels to spike? New emissions or strong winds?

Emissions at Daiichi had tapered last week but they started becoming more voluminous over the last few days. Here is an example from this morning taken from TEPCO 1 cam: