Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Plutonium 'Leak' Detected in Carlsbad New Mexico

Another 'leak' reported by The Wall Street Journal:

‘Airborne Radiation Found After Leak at Nuclear Site’ (Feb 25, 2014) WSJ, p. A2
“More airborne radiation has been detected in southeastern New Mexico from a leak at the nation’s first underground nuclear waste dump…Last week, DOE officials confirmed the first-ever leak at the facility. It stores plutonium-contaminated waste from Los Alamos and other government nuclear sites” [end]

Majia here: Several people have noted at my blog and at Enenews that the NOAA's hysplit system indicates that emissions from the first New Mexico plutonium release went north-east.

The first plume went north-east while the monitoring stations are south and west. Here is the link for the NOAA's hypslit if you want to find out where yesterday's plume was headed.

Mamabear against Nukes commented on the sampling results. One wonders what the levels would have been if samples were taken directly from the plume:

MamaBears AgainstNukesFebruary 25, 2014 at 3:19 PM

DOE info on "dose" = 3 Mrem Feb 15. Went way down after that. Only three hours of this would exceed EPA limit of 10 Mrem for airborne particulate. Most airflow went north and east. The sampling stations are south and west. (Annual NESHAP limit of 10 mrem/yr (0.1 mSv/yr). See: http://www.wipp.energy.gov/Special/WIPP%20Environmental%20Sampling%20Results.pdf

Majia here: I keep thinking to myself, please don't let this be another big nuclear event.

The US government has already demonstrated their crisis management style. It will be the same in style and substance as the Japanese crisis management approach. All dangers will be hidden and denied, even when residents are at direct risk for exposure.

Read what my friend Stock has to say about the actual risks from the New Mexico release here and here.

Meanwhile in Japan, TEPCO reports that the cooling fan on unit 4 spent fuel pool has stopped. Read about the story at Enenews.

Source: Fukushima No.4 reactor pool's cooling fan halts, http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20140225_19.html

I'll post screen shots and analysis at the end of the week, but so far my conclusion is that significant emission events - evidenced by high pixilation and pink atmospherics - are increasing in frequency, but are still intermittent.

TEPCO cam now looks very smoggy and pink


  1. Thank you for the article.

    Here is everything I found out this far. Seems very serious..


  2. Hey guys and gals, before I forget. I can no longer post at nukepro, an hour after I posted the "admission of high level waste at WIPP" I lost access to my blog, no email, no nothing, no ability to enter the management screen. No error message.

    At WIPP they measure 46Bq, thats basically CPS, not CPM. And then after they "eliminated the background", their reported number for the 3000' away station that was NOT in the windstream at the time, they reported .64 instead of 46.

    Got it? Their meter said 46 CPS and they reduced it by 98.7% to report .64. So that means 46-.64 is the background, 45.36 CPS or 2721 CPM.

    A quick conversion to mSv using the NukePro table therefore puts the background around 182 mSv per year.

    The average background in USA is around 2 mSv, not counting medical BS. At 250 mSv a nuke plants career is done, and they get intense medical monitoring for the rest of their life. At 50 mSv in a year, the nuke plant worker is "maxed out" and has to go work a desk job far away from any plant.

    So do you really think the background is 182 mSv? Can you believe they want to lie to this level? As the nearby military base orders 1200 full radiation suits?

    1. I was able to post a quote there.
      I understand it is administration that is under "service disruption".
      Noticed that Majia seems to use same system & she hasn't posted since last night .... sad state of affairs.

    2. Stock
      I'm so sorry about your blog. This is very telling!

    3. TG you are OK.

      Crab and other seafood are totally off my diet.

      see Arc's article: http://nuclear-news.net/2014/02/27/plutonium-in-fish-and-seafood-metal-bioaccumulation-in-fishes-and-aquatic-invertebrates-a-literature-review-by-phillips-and-russo-december-1978/

  3. Quote of Stock: "More evidence of the "high level waste" ALREADY stored at WIPP.
    This Forbes article states over 1 Curie per Liter."
    see: http://enenews.com/tv-disturbing-new-development-in-the-wipp-radiation-leak-surprising-words-today-what-went-wrong-and-why-those-are-some-of-the-questions-swirling-around-county-official-calls-it-a/comment-page-1#comment-482491

    also love his vision of the near future ...
    Quote of Stock: "What could the best case scenario be at WIPP and how can we "create it"?"
    "10. New "Cask It No Rack It" ruling on and by NRC makes storing of spent fuel in pools by the reactors illegal for more than 5 years AND they cannot use the fuel racks that were used in the reactor because those are not certified nor safe for storage
    11. The Cask It No Rack It Ruling (CINRI) creates a logistical problem for many running nuclear plants in the USA. Many plants that can barely compete with nat gas, solar, wind, have their directors decide to close the plant in hopes they can legislate higher kWH sales prices for nuke" ...
    "14. Casking proceeds, using many of the workers idled from the nuke plant shutdowns. Training for ex nuke workers who want to participate in the “new paradigm” of renewable energy with energy storage occurs right at the old nuke plants, i.e. the casking sites.
    15. Because of the energy infrastructure at the nuke plants, solar farms spring up around the nuke plants.
    16. All of the GE Mark 1 plants are shut down by 2019, and casking is underway at all plants, catching up on the backlog by 2022." ...
    see: http://enenews.com/officials-even-more-may-be-affected-by-wipp-radiation-leak-tv-they-dont-know-how-serious-it-is-or-how-it-affects-community-still-in-the-guinea-pig-stage-videos/comment-page-1#comment-482446

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