Sunday, November 10, 2013

Censorship and Dispossession in Japan

Developments in Japan are concerning:

First, according to The Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) is trying to accelerate returning people to Fukushima prefecture by measuring citizen exposure levels using individual dosimeters instead of official air sampling. The Asahi notes dosimeters have much lower readings than official air sampling and that the NRA’s draft policy has no discussion of health impacts.

The proposed exposure level for returning evacuees is 20 millisieverts based on dosimeter readings alone (no inclusion of estimates of exposure from contaminated food, water, and bio-accumulation).

Second, anti-nuclear groups in Japan have been subject to denial of service attacks since September. I had heard rumors this was occurring. I’m grateful The Asahi Shimbun reported it.

I am reminded that Japan is trying to pass new whistle-blower laws that criminally prosecute any whistle-blower who reveals corporate or government secrets (see

The new whistleblower law and the concerted attacks against anti-nuclear groups together indicate pretty clearly that elements of the Japanese state/industry are reacting fascistically to deteriorating conditions at Daiichi.

Don’t forget the recent 7.2 earthquake and typhoon convergence on October 25

That fascistic mindset is what is driving efforts to push evacuees back into very contaminated areas. Daiichi hasn’t been stable since March 9 2011 and cold shutdown is a myth spun by TEPCO and the global nuclear mafia. In truth, the Daiichi site is getting hotter, rather than cooling, and the NRA is trying to push people back, while new legislation could make it a crime to reveal real plant conditions, and anti-nuclear groups are being censored through denial of service attacks.

You should be worried because your nation could be next.

Lower radiation readings proposed to speed return of Fukushima evacuees Nov 9, 2013, The Asahi Shimbun,

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has drafted a proposal to accelerate the return home of Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuees by using radiation readings that tend to be lower than the ones now officially used. The NRA wants residents to take radiation measurements with dosimeters instead of relying on the current government system of determining levels through aircraft monitoring….

But the government’s air dose rate has often been three to seven times higher than exposure levels checked by individual residents with dosimeters, according to a survey conducted by municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture….

…the NRA’s draft proposal, to be announced on Nov. 11, does not refer to impact on evacuees’ health and measures that should be taken. An NRA official also confirmed that it never used the word “safe” in discussions.

The NRA proposal recommends having “communicators” explain to residents about acceptable levels of radiation to eliminate their anxieties….


TATSUYA SUDO (2013, November 10) Anti-nuclear citizens groups targeted in massive cyber-attack, The Asahi Shimbun,

Anti-nuclear citizens groups around Japan were left reeling from a blizzard of e-mail traffic--more than 2.53 million messages--that had all the hallmarks of a coordinated cyber-attack.

At least 33 groups were targeted in the campaign carried out from mid-September to early November.

Experts said there was little doubt that a computer program developed exclusively for the purpose was used in the attack. It ranks as Japan’s first cyber-attack to target specific citizens groups….



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