Thursday, September 29, 2011

Low Dose Radiation and Public Health: Asthma

I've noticed a very interesting correlation between my asthma and our beta radiation levels as reported by the EPA for Phoenix.

Every time for the past 5 months that my asthma has kicked in there has been a corresponding spike in radiation in Phoenix (where I live).

The power of suggestion is not operative here because I've not been checking our radiation levels in Phoenix daily.

Recently I've only checked when my asthma kicks in and, when it does, I see a corresponding spike in our beta levels

I feel good this morning after really suffering early in the week. I've had my hepa filter running continuously. Check out the levels.

It is possible that higher levels of ionizing radiation are contributing to, or correlate with, other atmospheric factors, such as high ozone (a known asthma trigger), that are producing the asthma-exacerbating conditions.

I just don't know, but i find the certain correlation very interesting.

Enenews is reporting on a story from Fukushima Diary that is disturbing because it means we will be seeing more high levels (higher even than what we currently have).

It appears from the web cam that there was a fire in the spent fuel pool #4 on Sep 29 after the earthquake Saturday

At this point the story is unconfirmed, but if we see spiking radiation levels in cities currently located under the jet stream we will know where the radiation is coming from.

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