Monday, August 1, 2011

Des Moines Radiation Levels VERY HIGH August 1

EPA Radnet Data 10:20 PM Aug 1 Pacific Time

Des Moines 318 beta

Omaha IA 91 beta

Kearney IA 46 beta

Mason City IA 112 beta

Lincoln NE 49 beta

Kansas City 0 beta

Wichita under review

Denver 67 beta

Minneapolis/St Paul under review

Duluth MN 0 beta

Milwaukee under review

Bay City MI 26 beta

Detroit MI 0 beta

Billings Mt under review

Spokane WA 22 beta

Des Moines is due east roughly same latitude as Fort Calhoun,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1366&bih=505&wrapid=tljp1312262246551016&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

Des Moines has been "under review" for days and days. Now it is suddenly being posted by the EPA and the levels are VERY HIGH.

I just wonder what the levels were like when the EPA was unwilling to post Des Moines data.

Look at the pattern here. This high level in Des Moines is unlikely to be from the jet stream when all other northern cities are so much lower (unless perhaps there is precipitation in Des Moines alone).

The people who live in this region need to find out what is happening to bring about such high radiation levels.


I'm going to re-post Yvonne's comment from earlier today

Yvonne said.

I use the EPA's query interface.

I select the fixed monitor. Then in Available Parameters I select measurement start date & measurement end date & Beta Gross count rate (move those over to selected parameters). There are more options but this is what I've learned to do so far. Then select your fixed monitor location & time range then submit. This is as much as I have learned so far. I noticed today Des Moines peaked at 490 beta cpm! NOT GOOD!!!


  1. I saw your post. I just queried this yesterday for St. Paul, MN:

    St. Paul Levels Week Ending August 1

    I'd love to know why there is no Alert for Alert Levels!

  2. I know they alert us about pollen but not radiation???


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