Friday, July 1, 2011

Los Alamos Radiation, Fukushima, and Fort Calhoun

Los Alamos
Based on the report I posted last night,

it is clear that at least some radioactive waste has burned in New Mexico. People who live there and in Colorado should take care and monitor radiation levels. Unfortunately, if the main threat is alpha particles from burning plutonium they may be hard to detect.

Fukushima cameras show considerable smoke or steam coming from building #3 and from the vicinity of #4 

The jet stream is moving north and is currently over the far north of the US and Canada so people in those areas should watch radiation levels as there are bound to be "hot particles" given the activity levels at 3 and 4 this last week. 

Fort Calhoun
Dr. Kaku describes the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant as a potential Fukushima in slow motion during an ABC broadcast. I'm sure that made the nuclear industry and government happy 


Another day in the Brave New World...

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