Thursday, July 1, 2010


The Pew Research Center has a report chronicling the financial devestation of the American people.
55% of Americans lost hours, jobs, or pay during the great recession.
32% of Americans suffered unemployment.
Americans lost approximately 20% of their wealth.

Yet, the WSJ reports today that 34% of Americans enthusiastically support deficit reduction.

While the WSJ fails to explicate how these 34% of Americans propose cutting the deficit, the usual target for cuts is social spending, particularly social security and health care (see McKinnon "Defict Panel Stresses Spending Cuts, WSJ, A6).

So, impoverished Americans will also lose retirement and medical support.

Welcome to America Remade as an Impoverished Third World Nation populated by Americans who must work until they drop dead on the job and who will be denied basic health care.

I'm not against deficit cuts. However, I believe those cuts should be in the form of cuts to military spending, cuts to militarialized foreign aid (for example, cuts in military aid to Israel), and cuts to wasteful programs such as the "War on Drugs" that funnel funds and weapons to paramilitary forces abroad (in Columbia) and in the US (i.e., to Blackwater, now Xi) while US banks launder hundreds of billions in drug money.

Cuts to social spending preserve the wealth of elites while exacerbating America's declining health, education, and economic development.

Social austerity is CLASS WAR being waged by the World's Elite upon the vast majority of the world's populace.


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