Thursday, December 21, 2017

Connecting the Dots that Illustrate Catastrophic Risk and Catastrophic Disregard

The following collection of news headlines (with brief excerpts) demonstrates how catastrophic risk  and disregard are produced KNOWINGLY:


Jim Green (2017, December 20). The Banana Equivalent Dose of catastrophic nuclear accidents. Online Opinion,

Ryosuke Ishibashi, Masanobu Higashiyama and Toshihide Ueda (2017, December 21). Papers show ministry played down Chernobyl nuclear disaster THE ASAHI SHIMBUN
...“The accident occurred at a nuclear plant unique to the Soviet Union, and such an accident would be unthinkable in Japan,” the ministry’s statement said.  blic debate on the need for greater safety at Japan’s nuclear plants did not deepen despite cover-ups of problems at a nuclear plant operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co. and an accident at a Hokuriku Electric Power Co. nuclear plant. “Japan did not think seriously or make preparations whenever it was faced with a nuclear incident,” said Tatsujiro Suzuki, a former vice chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission. “As a result, its failure to learn from its past lessons led to the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant accident.” 

Hirotaka Yamaguchi (2017, December 8). Japan needs more nuclear plants, says Keidanren chair. The Asahi Shimbun,
Ehime Prefecture--Japan may need to expand existing nuclear power plants or build new ones as it will rely on nuclear power generation in the future, according to Sadayuki Sakakibara, chair of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation). Sakakibara made the remarks on Dec. 7 when he visited Shikoku Electric Power Co.’s Ikata Nuclear Power Plant here in western Shikoku island.

Many children diagnosed with thyroid cancer after 3.11 disasters, families still worried (December 7 2017). The Mainichi,

Uranium producers surge


Too many of the world's leaders are caught up in homicidal psychoses. It is up to the people to demand accountability.

In the US, one critical point in the apparatus of extinction is the deliberate politicization and manipulation of "science." 

Hence, one tactic is to loudly (albeit peacefully) oppose the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S BANNED WORDS, which include "vulnerable," "science-based," "evidence-based" and "fetus."


  1. We are not allowed to talk about the corporate genocide being plyed by Trump and his minions, against us as As Americans. We cannot question it, sue over it. They can poison and kill us with impunity and, with the endorsement of Trump and the republicans. Theses strange people say they are against it in one breath, and support it in the next.

    Who are all these people say they are concerned about Monsanto, roundup, GMO food, pesticide Armageddon, Fukushima insanity, support Trump , Majia? Please tell me. Is it all part of the strange straregy of the these trump and the corporate plunderers. They want to carpet America with coast to coast, unregulated chemical plants, nuclear reactors, nuclear and chemical wastes. Are they real? Are the insane?

    We no longer have access to information about the tools of our slaughter. It is done purposely.
    There were these people who are so against the dakota pipeline and so pro Trump, Yet trump shut down the protests and madesure the pipeline corporation got its way. Same people are anti GMO and Monsanto and Roundup and pesticide, yet trump has done everything he can to support and enable Monsanto, roundup, GMOs.

    These same people defend his toxic support of Abe, Monsanto, his hiding all nuclear and chemical poisonings.
    Trump has ushered in, in a toxic Corporate dictatorship.
    Corporations can again dump, as much of the most toxic chemicals into the environment, water, and food now as they want.
    Trump and his minions are reallowing some of the most toxic chemicals known to man to be freely dispersed onto people again so corporations can get richer. Trump now lets nuclear and chemical corporations create unregulated nuclear and chemical dumps. Dumps that don't have to be cleaned-up, into the middle of pristine areas and towns again

  2. The abomination must end!

    Nuclear power industry exists to provide the nuclear weapons industry – theme for December 17
    Yes, they’re joined at the hip, and this is now becoming public news. The World Nuclear News spells it out proudly -“ A robust US nuclear energy sector is a “key enabler of national security”, helping the US military to meet specific defence priorities “In Britain, this is revealed in the BEIS Committee Brexit Inquiry.

    The fact that the nuclear power industry supplies essential resources and personnel to the nuclear weapons industry explains why governments are so keen to subsidise this completely uneconomic method of providing electricity.

    Of course, the fat cats and shareholders behind both industries are happy to sell nuclear anything to anybody.

    We see Russia, especially, doing financial lending acrobatics to sell both industries to dodgy Middle Eastern and African dictatorships. But the wonderful Western democracies are not far behind – happy to sell “peaceful” nuclear power to India, for example – a country intent on nuclear weapons expansion.

    The nuclear weapons lobby knows damn well, that the first step in selling to a country is to sell (un)commercial nuclear powe

  4. Because of Trump,republicans, Pigs like the Koch brothers species are being wliminated. This lack of empathy is destroying the world and fuking the Trump pig is contributing bigley.


  5. Trump approves armsales to Ukraine nazis amid increased fighting with russians. War is big money. All trump cares about is appeasing oligarchs, whethether russian or american. An arch warmonger and hateful liar. It just gets worse..

  6. Is it really the leaders or is it the collective population with its collective subconscious that is constantly remembering the rather catastrophic past that stretches back a very long way and includes some extremely violent earth events like encounters with comet fragments. Anyone familiar with psychology realizes the repressions have a way of working themselves out and that people have a tendency to recreate negative past experiences.

    As regards science unfortunately many scientists are as corrupt as many politicians. For example pharmaceuticals frequently pay large amounts of money to professors to promote their products; and it is well known fact that the CDC and the FDA are dominated by these corporations. Add to that the last 28 years prior to Trump of dubious Administrations and we have a very nasty situation. Obviously we can not blame all of that on the new president however emotionally satisfying that might be.

    So your article is actually responding to symptoms of a far deeper problem. Dr Immanuel Velikovsky explores a part of this in his books which were violently attacked by the "scientists" of the time. Scientists can be very opinionated as we know.

    Excessive criticism of Trump is a desperate attempt to rid oneself of resentment. It is also claiming for a president far more power that he has. Where was all this resentment when Obama was president? He was hardly perfect. Reasonable criticism is valuable but hysterical criticism simply reveals the persons immaturity and lack of self control. And we are seeing a lot this.

    Finally human existence has always been a risky affair. On more than one occasion in the past the human species almost vanished. One estimate is that it declined to only 11,000 persons. I think that is probably too pessimistic--but it did decline around the Younger Dreyas dramatically. There is a lot besides Trump to reflect on and research.

  7. This guy is a racist, a trump troll and a pronuker

  8. If a reactor goes up on Crimean border, or anywhere in Crimea, europe is screwed. Trump is going ahead with four shitty, overpriced reactors in america. No reactors are closing down in the United states. Fact is the corporate war machine and nuclear lobby has enough money from the trump-republican tax theft to poor billions into the deadend evil georgia reactors and another one. The west will jave a billion tons of nuclear waste when its through. There is still no place to put processing waste or, high level used fuel rods. It is out of this world expensive and catastrophically risky. Trump jas lie and conflated lies thouwands of times. Trump and the corporate parasites are fuking maniacs. That is all there is to it . It is beyond psychotic, after last years hurricanes and, what happened and is happening at Fukushima Daiichi.


  9. Who gives a shit about what Obama did. He was a warmonger asshole. Not as bad as trump or shrub but, he is gone. Morons like the William and other psycho asslickers keep bringing him up, as if he is still in power. Then this collective conscience bullshit. There are some rational humans. We do not have to listen to these psycho bastards from hell.


    "Americans Are Only Now Beginning to Learn that We Live in a Dictatorship
    The first time when it became clear to me that I live in a dictatorship was in 2014 when reading, prior to its publication, the landmark (and still the only) scientific empirical study to address the question as to whether or not the United States federal Government is, authentically, a democracy — or, whether, alternatively, it's instead more of a dictatorship, than a democracy. This study documented conclusively that America's Government is the latter.

    So, on 14 April 2014, I headlined “US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy, Says Scientific Study”. Subsequently, my editor linked it to the published article at the Journal where the study was published, Perspectives on Politics, from the American Political Science Association, and the full study can be read there.

    On 30 April 2014, was posted at youtube the video that remains, to this day, the best and clearest ordinary-language summary of what that badly-written academic study proved. See its explanation here:

    That summary’s title is also better than the title of my article was; this excellent video headlines “Corruption is Legal in America”, which is another accurate conclusion from that study. Every American citizen should know what this 6-minute video says and shows from the academic study, because it explains how the super-rich, as a class, steal from everyone else (everyone who isn’t super-rich): They do it through corruption.

    Then, that same person who created the video did another presentation of it, but this time with text accompanying the video, and this article was titled "One graph shows how the rich control American politics”, and it indeed showed how. The super-rich carry out their control via corruption, which is legal in America and which can be done vastly more by rich people than by poor people — poor people simply can’t buy the Government, and any who would even attempt to do so would be using only the illegal means, which the US Supreme Court says constitutes the only illegal means, and that's blatant bribery, which is lower-class corruption, not the far more lucrative type of corruption that super-wealthy individuals have access to. Only the forms of corruption which are available only to the super-rich are legal in America. That’s the reason why the super-rich keep getting still-richer, while the rest of the population are lucky if they don’t become poorer.