Sunday, October 1, 2017

There may be an emergency at Fukushima Daiichi

I've been posting about the heightened emissions at Fukushima Daiichi over the last few days following the 6.0 earthquake last week:

Screenshots from the last few days:

Most notably, emissions have increased from units 2 and 3, visible on the TEPCO CAM 1, but also visible in a heightened pink-yellow glow over Daiichi visible from the Futaba cam.

Please see the location of the sunrise on the Futuaba cam Sep 29 2017:

Please see the location of the yellow glow over Fukushima 3 days later on the Futaba cam October 2:


Why doesn't the glow over the plant this morning, approximately 1 hour after sunrise, not coincide with the location of the sunrise from 3 days ago (can the sun's relative location moved so much in 3 days)?

I noticed this same effect yesterday (please see links above). 

I believe the pink glow is produced by a similar mechanism as auroras: High speed electrons from radioactive decay excite nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere.

My hypothesis is that the earthquake has producing more fission activity, having disrupting melted corium in some fashion or another.  Although any fission activity is unlikely to lead to explosions, I hypothesize these non-critical fission chains can increase environmental radioactivity.

Today there is a police car and trucks located at the Futaba intersection that is located immediately near the plant: