Friday, November 25, 2016

Back From Conference and Fukushima Monitoring

I've returned from the amazing international conference I attended on Autism in Cyprus over the last week:

1st Annual Cyprus International Conference on Autism Treatment and Research:

Magic Always Happens Through Our Interdisciplinary Approach To Autism

18 - 23 November, 2016, Coral Beach Hotel & Resort Paphos - Cyprus

I will post more on that conference as I catch-up.


I read about the multiple earthquakes while abroad and had no access to the webcams. I was however quite surprised to see that Reuters was using a webcam screenshot on their webpage article about the first 7.4 (or 6.9 depending upon which article you read) earthquake:

Yuka Obayashi and Elaine Lies. (Tue Nov 22, 2016). Tsunami hits Japan after strong quake near Fukushima disaster site. Reuters,

I find it interesting that its "legitimate" for the mainstream media to use the webcam image to document an earthquake but not to document emissions from the plant.

Checking for the first time this morning, I noted strong emissions visible on the TEPCO 1 cam but the level does not appear that much worse than when I left:

The light on top of the common spent fuel pool in the screenshot above from TEPCO Cam 4 is new.

It seems entirely likely that the ICE WALL has failed even more as a result of the latest earthquakes.

That's all for now. Wishing you all well....

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