Friday, August 28, 2015

Nuclear Madness

Fukushima Daiichi has looked a bit more stable the last week, which is good news because there were far too many emission events late spring and early summer:

I can still see the heat emissions on the cams, especially near unit 3, but visible steam emissions from unit 1 are down.

Meanwhile, the NRC considers raising allowable radiation exposure levels:

Anonymous comments can be submitted here:!submitComment;D=NRC-2015-0057-0010
The comment period ends in 11 days. I hope my comment is still up there.

My feeling is the NRC is simply trying to bring the regulatory policies in line with our increasingly radioactive and chemically genotoxic environment.

There is no effort to reduce exposure because admitting increased contamination would generate public resistance to nuclear and other polluting industries.

And the public seems quite happy to go along with the "all's well" with their cell phones next to their bodies and their wifi everywhere, even in their elementary schools.

I wonder how many generations we have left?

The sudden ecological collapse occurring along the North American Pacific Coast suggests ocean life is going to go first.

On my very first Halloween I told my mother I wanted to be a fish. I've always felt more graceful in water than on land and I've always loved the ocean inhabitants, particularly the charismatic mega fauna (sea lions that look at you with their dark eyes and dolphins ready to play in the surf).

My heart aches.


  1. This all very strange. Whoever or whatever is orchestrating this seems to be outside what is happening. As though it hardly matters that the West Coast is in collapse ecologically. In the not so distant future it will be the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, . . . finally the whole planet will be so contaminated the life here will cease. Who will tend the nuclear power plants? Who will cook breakfast and for whom? There will be absolutely no life to acknowledge your life whoever or whatever you are. Of course, the whatever may be simply the summation of human history finally ending itself by ending all human life. It is all very strange. If this were a dream it would make sense; or a scary futuristic novel. In those vaster realms imagination would take a remnant away to a new world which Doris Lessing had already prepared though not necessary a happy one. I would lay down the novel and wake from the dream.

  2. "The Real Deal Ep # 97 Fukushima: The End of Mankind with Dennis Cimino "
    Excellent if as grim as it gets. Lots of information.

  3. The NRC isn't just doing this for nuclear energy workers but for medical workers as well. Medical professionals have argued this adjustment is badly needed because the currently imposed limits are too restrictive and do not afford a level of risk reduction commensurate with the exposure.