Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fukushima Ocean Contamination

I'm looking at evidence of Fukushima ocean contamination today. Scientists found plankton contaminated with cesium in all samples drawn from 10 locations in the Pacific, from offshore Hokkaido to Guam between January and February 2012. 

The highest levels was found 25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude (Researchers find high cesium in some Pacific plankton , The Japan Times,  May 22, 2013

Here is a map of the location where the highest radionuclides were detected in the samples from 2012:

Here is a map of the Pacific Ocean currents between Japan and North America: 

Might the "warm water blob" held responsible for the excessive mortality of California sea life be contaminated with UNRELENTING Fukushima ocean contamination? YES!

WHY won't scientists acknowledge this possibility?  I do not know because Fukushima has been widely recognized as the worst radiation contamination event to ever afflict the Pacific Ocean.