Monday, April 13, 2015

Fabrication Flaw in Areva Reactor Pressure Vessels (EPR Flamanville-3)

Marignac, Yves (2015), Fabrication Flaws in the Pressure Vessel of the EPR Flamanville-­‐3

Marignac is Director of WISE-­‐Paris

Fabrication defects detected in the end of 2014 in upper and lower heads of the Flamanville-­‐3 reactor pressure vessel are, by size and characteristics, very serious mechanical defaults.

These phenomena strongly put into question the safety case of the EPR (European Pressurized Water Reactor) currently under construction in Normandy.

The reason why a well-­‐known material heterogeneity problem was not mastered during the forging of the pieces at Areva’s Le Creusot plant has yet to be investigated.

The reason why the defects were detected or publicly released so late, at a moment when the pressure vessel was already in place in the reactor building, also needs to be scrutinised.

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