Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today's Emission Events

I watched the Fukushima cams intermittently all day. I have 18 pages of screenshots from the two TEPCO cams, the TBS cam and the Futaba cam, if anyone wants them.

Today's event was significant in terms of its scale. It involved multiple episodes. At least twice when I was watching I saw the steam/fog clear somewhat, only to be followed minutes later by a new surge of emissions.

I'm not sure of the source. Units 1 and 2 were NOT the source of the emissions.

I saw heavy emissions from the area of unit 3 and also emissions from the common spent fuel pool area.

If part of unit 3 reactor fuel is under the building (rather than being in the atmosphere), then perhaps Jec's hypothesis about tidal action can explain some of the surging emissions.

During the few times I checked, Netc did not indicate any elevated rads in the areas closest to Fukushima.

How long would it take for atmospheric emissions in the form of radioactive fog to 'disperse' westward and north?


Finally, this blazing light visible on the Futaba cam at 7:25 AM cannot be from the sun

More screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/s/0g3qlv3ylvcnk4x/August%2013%202014.pdf


  1. Isn't it amazing that we can have something so utterly uncontrollable that it can continuously emit massive amounts of energy and pollution for 3.5 years?

    All the articles talk about finding radiation near Tokyo - guess what folks - you haven't seen anything yet - the Common Spent Fuel Pool has 6,000+ fuel assemblies in it, just waiting to deliver their radioactive gift to your back yard, and your front yard, and your farmer's field, and his grazing field, and your ocean, and your mountain streams, and fresh water supplies and the air that you breath...

    That's 6,000 tons of still somewhat hot nuke fuel - with a nice sprinkilling of plutonium. Just for kicks, let's compare that amount of nuke fuel to the amount of nuke fuel that exploded in every nuclear bomb ever exploded in history - there's been about 2500 of them. At 50-100 lbs of nuke fuel apiece, that means at most nuke bomb testing released 250,000 lbs of nuke fuel.


    If I do the math right, that means there is a potential of releasing 48 times as much nuclear radiation out of that single pool than has ever been released by man.

    Sorry to rant on your blog Majia - but if Tepco lets the CSFP burn - they deserve to all be killed in the most torturous manner. There is no; none; not one iota of excuse for letting that pool go. When some idiot like me was begging three days after the event for them to empty that pool, and they have some of the smartest nuke engineers in the world on the project, then we should all be outraged they would let it go.

    I hope you are wrong about that Majia - if that pool goes, the world is in a world of hurt.


  2. Thanks for the figures, James. I knew it was bad, but your math, and Majia's pictures, put things into perspective. But how can they empty the fuel rod pools, James, when they can't get near them? My guess is that 1000's upon 1000's of workers have died already, with 1000's more suffering tortuously. Even if they kill another 100,000 workers, and many more, where can they put the fuel rods and coria? Even then, it cannot be done. The sea has claimed the ground.

  3. Upon re-reading your post, James, I may have misunderstood you. I think you, too, are saying it's too late, that the radiation and sea have already won. Majia, your cam shots take my breath away. It looks like to me the pool has already gone. It this anyone else's take?

  4. The emissions at Unit 3 always look worse to me for some reason... but considering the tent over Unit 1 and the redirection of those emissions, and the change on the angle on the cam they allow us to view, they are more difficult to see now.

  5. Thank you, Christine, and Bobby, too, at http://optimalprediction.com/wp/ But what I don't understand, then, is what is causing the fires on the screen shots? There are shots of fire also on YouTube, Zero Hedge, Flying Cuttlefish, and other sites. I'm not trying to be difficult, really. I just don't understand.

  6. I wonder if the fire looking phenomena isn't simply a very hot gas from hot fuel in water.

    Gundersen said the fuel doesn't have to burn to issue emissions, especially gasses I would imagine

    The steam emissions may possibly coming from fuel rods in harbor because the glow we

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  7. I tried to share this informative pics on the hounds of fukushima website. Weeping willow was making a a big deal that they could not be verified and how can you be the only one with the pics so they must not be real so they made me take it down. Looks legit to me. Those emissions will be hitting the west coast tonight