Saturday, August 2, 2014

This is Genocide

Israel is committing genocide against Palestinian civilians. This policy will corrupt the soul of Israel, destroying the nation and its future far more than any external enemy could ever accomplish. Read about it at Counterpunch:

I am not anti-semitic, nor do I stand against Israel's existence as a nation.

However, I am sickened by the hate that appeared in The Times of Israel in the blog post titled, "Genocide is Permissible," which argued that genocide against the Palestinian people is acceptable. The author of this hate literature has recanted and apologized, but the venom and dehumanization in his heart remains.

Wise Israelis have long recognized that their crimes against Palestinians constitute a dire threat to their existence as a people of God. Perhaps that is what has driven the diaspora of moderate Israelis out of Israel.

My comments are not intended to condone Palestinian violence, but rather to contextualize the rage and dispossession experienced by people who have been forced to live in "concentration" like conditions. At least, that is how Cardinal Martino, president of the Vatican's Council for Justice and Peace, described living conditions in Gaza in 2009 

Dispossession fuels rage against oppressors. By extending settlements in the West Bank, by limiting Palestinians' mobility with walls and weapons, and by responding disproportionately against unarmed civilians (including children), the Israelis have become agents of dispossession.

Peace based on a viable two state solution is possible if only the parties were committed.

The violence must stop and as the agent of strength and dispossession, Israel must take the lead.


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  2. 6 minutes 'on the ground' in Gaza...

    I am sickened by how easily the facile lies that no one buys are able to keep so many good people dithering at the threshold of their humanity, unable to see the moral imperative so fundamentally obvious here, to respond with unconditional humanity !

    and my heart goes out to the Jewish people for whom this threshold is deeply tied to family too… yet the cup cannot be passed, the "family of man" can & must be born out of this: we must renounce any State that lies & kills with cruel impunity, or we are complicit

    remember: many countries have colonial pasts, where are the original 'occupiers' of North America? also, each one of the blasts in this harrowing video was designed & manufactured in clean rooms by ordinary people, they got paid & someone higher up made a bundle, cogs in the war machine that is killing us in FukDai as well…

  3. "I am not an anti semite nor do I stand against Israel's existence as a nation."

    There is no question that saying anything negative about Israel, Zionism or Jews in the US academy can endanger one's future job stability, so I applaud Majia for speaking out, even if she does have tenure. Maybe she is sincere about not being an "anti semite" but that's akin to "I have stopped beating my wife/husband." Whoever said you were an anti semite and since when does criticizing the actions of a people constitute a blind hatred or racism toward them? Technically, the Palestinians are genetically semitic and most Israelis are not, but originated in Khazaria some centuries ago (another story).

    As for Israel's right to exist, I cannot agree, on what grounds does it have to exist? From the very inception it was built on lies, subterfuge, terrorism, mass expulsion, and continues to this very day. During the Ottoman empire Jews, Christians and Muslims lived for centuries in relative peace, but once Zionism was introduced into the region it has been one unending blood bath. If Jews want to live in peace with other peoples that is fine, but they have no right to have the world's most racist- apartheid-terror state in history paid for by US taxpayers.

    - Richard Wilcox

    1. I do believe that insanity reigns in Israel, as it reigns here in the US

  4. This slide show/documentary (32 min.) made by the wonderful Chuck Carlson, a pastor, shows how "Christian" zionists support Israeli genocide. A must see - very educational.

    Yes, insanity reigns and it is by design.

    - Richard Wilcox