Saturday, November 5, 2011

Suicide of the Human Species? "No Fate But What We Make!"

I am witnessing the suicide of the human race and I will not be quiet.

Fukushima is the final straw.

There is no recovery from this unless we stand up and demand massive change this very instant.

We have built a civilization that relies on energy inputs (carbon and nuclear) that deplete and contaminate the earth.

We have wrought terrible damages to the air, water, and soil, upon which we depend.

And we have allowed the corrupt and ruthless to reign because of our ignorance and apathy.

Fukushima pushes us over the resource/environment edge because it is a never ceasing, nuclear volcano that will sicken and deform our species.

This is our last opportunity to try and take control of our world before we are so sickened that we cannot recover.

Maybe we sealed our own fate. Maybe it is too late...

But, as quoted from the Terminator “No fate but what we make!”

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  1. there is really no time left to 'vote them out', even given time, there is no means to combat the noise apparatus already in place (the tea party, the ny times).

    the occupy movement has a good approach, starve the beast by moving your money.

    in another small step, i suggest that families consider taking their kids out of school (especially on the west coast of the u.s.).

    group up in bunches of 8 families or so. hire 2-3 out-of-work college grads to home-school the kids, cook/feed them healthy meals.

    re-establish local control. the kids will be safer, better schooled, healthier. the college model is defunct anyway, better to have children who think independently than ones with great sat scores.

    in japan, for those who cannot emigrate, this option would at least result in less exposure to contaminated schoolyards and pools, mushrooms, beef and rice.