Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Potrblog Report

Precipitation samples measured 59 and then 190 times background (depending upon the absorption thickness of the paper towel).

Potrblog believes Tepco has lost control of the situation at Fukushima and is unable to control the fissioning, which they believe could escalate into an explosion.

I lack the scientific knowledge or expertise to evalaute Potrblog's comments and analysis.

However, the stories being reported at Enenews (as it follows the Japanese media) are increasingly strange and disturbing

I do understand that we are most definitely in unchartered territory and it is hostile to life.

I watched a NOVA special on the fabric of the universe tonight. Last night I read the comments made at Ex-SKF about what is going on with the coriums.

It seems clear to me after watching and reading that physicists do not understand fully what is going on at Fukushima because this is, in fact, unprecedented (Chernobyl was “contained” in days) and every time physicists have an opportunity to study matter in new environments (e.g., particle accelerators) they learn new and surprising things about how matter and energy behave.

Worse, in addition to not understanding what surprises await us, it seems from the comments at Ex-SKF and Enenews that even the most technologically inclined among us (not me) do not know how to contain this MONSTER on earth.

We have truly opened Pandora’s box.

I think the Japanese government and Tepco are frightened now. I am.

We are humbled by our misguided arrogance.

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