Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fukushima Fissioning

The news is circulating ever more widely that Fukushima is fissioning.

Of course, this is not really new information: fissioning has been continuous in an on-off cycle for months.

Potrblog offers an explanation of that process here:

An older but helpful discussion of the state of the reactors is available here:

Still, I am very concerned about the sudden flurry of media interest in the Fukushima story.
Speculation exists that the incredibly high reading found in Tokyo of 40,000 microsieverts an hour (40 millisieverts an hour) might have been caused by an underground nuclear explosion

No one in the blogosphere knows for sure what is happening, but we do know that something alarming must have occurred to force Tepco to rupture their narrative of "all is well and cold shutdown is near."

I will post any information I glean but keep in mind that misinformation has been the name of the game played by Tepco and the Japanese, US, and Canadian governments.

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