Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bill Black on the Real News: Bill Black: Jobs Now, Stop the Foreclosures, Jail the Banksters

Listen to the Real News interview with Prof. Black here:

Then read Joseph Stiglitz's essay on the globalization of the protests. Here is an excerpt from his essay:

"There is a common theme, expressed by the OWS movement in a simple phrase: “We are the 99%.” That slogan echoes the title of an article that I recently published, entitled “Of the 1%, for the 1%, and by the 1%,” describing the enormous increase in inequality in the United States: 1% of the population controls more than 40% of the wealth and receives more than 20% of the income.

"And those in this rarefied stratum often are rewarded so richly not because they have contributed more to society – bonuses and bailouts neatly gutted that justification for inequality – but because they are, to put it bluntly, successful (and sometimes corrupt) rent-seekers..."

read the entire essay at the link above

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