Saturday, March 26, 2011

David DeGraw on Empire State Rebellion

In an interview with Max Keiser, David DeGraw explains the impetus for rebellion. Direct quotes from the transcript follow:
“We’re not leaving until we have commitments to break up the banks and end the campaign finance racket.”

Let’s just go over some statistics here:

· 59 Million people without health care
· 52 Million in poverty
· 44 Million on food stamps
· 30 Million in need of work
· 7 Million foreclosed on
· 5 Million homes over 60 days late on mortgage payments
· $1 Trillion in student debt

We have the highest, most severe inequality of wealth we have ever had, unlimited campaign spending, budget cuts for the poor, tax breaks for the rich – this is the ultimate recipe for revolution.

America has 239 million people living paycheck to paycheck right now. Food prices are going up, oil is going up, everything is going up – these people aren’t going to be able to make ends meet.

It’s the same everywhere, it’s global policies, whether its Ireland, United States, Egypt, Greece. People are going to fight back because the economic central planners have become so arrogant.

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