Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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"Top 20 Censored Stories of 2010"

Nanotach particles can Damage DNA
from the story:
"Personal products you may use daily and think are harmless—cosmetics, suntan lotion, socks, and sports clothes—may all contain atom-sized nanotech particles, some of which have been shown to sicken and kill workers in plants using nanotechnology. Known human health risks include severe and permanent lung damage. Cell studies indicate genetic DNA damage. Extremely toxic to aquatic wildlife, nanoparticles pose clear risks to many species and threaten the global food chain.

"Nanotech particles have been embraced by industry as the wonder ingredient in personal hygiene products, food packaging, paints, medical procedures and pharmaceuticals, even tires and auto parts, among burgeoning numbers of other consumer products. Cosmetic companies add titanium dioxide nanoparticles to sun creams to make them transparent on the skin. Sports clothing firms have introduced odor-free garments containing nanosilver particles that are twice as toxic to bacteria than bleach. Auto industry companies have added carbon nanofibers to tires and body panels to strengthen them...."

FINALLY, LISTEN TO GERALD CELENTE WARN ABOUT THE U.S.' TRANSFORMATION INTO A FASCIST STATE. It isn't communism he says clearly. It is fascism, the merger of corporate sphere and the state.

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  1. A fascist state must have a very strong propaganda engine to survive.

    A test is under way to see how strong the main stream media is: The Return of George W. Bush?