Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fairy Tale Part 1

Once upon a time there was a strange world. In this world people believed in liberty and equality even though their leadership and institutions were based in, and extended, oligarchy.

A terrible plague afflicted this strange world and the population was offered as sacrifice by the oligarchy. The populace was lowered into a massive well built of its past labor. The biovitalities of this population were to be sucked slowly by the demon that had afflicted the terrible plague that would allow the oligarchy to succumb to its desires.

In the matrix of this well were shadow institutions that echoed the foundations of the population's prior world. The shadow institutions barely echoed the calls of liberty and equality. Instead, the shadow institutions amplified the suffering and indignities of the prior world. The living, albeit entombed, populace became confused by these shadow institutions and had trouble recalling receeding conditions.

In one of these shadow institutions in the well was a teacher. She had a good memory trained by recalling information to educate students in the now receding, strange world. She remembered that in the strange world the ideals of liberty and equality held back the power of those who would sacrifice the population to the demon. She remembered. She could not speak directly to her students for fear that she wake the demon. She could not speak directly to her acquaintances for fear she would be labeled mad...

Part 2 cont.

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